I have been lurking on here and in the chat room for a few days now. It's only been a week since my dog died but I am having a hard time and it's hard to find others who understand. I feel like people's patience is growing thin, too, with my constant taking about it and crying.

We had our dog 6 years, and for the past three I have been home full-time and spent every day all day with him. He had to be put down one week ago and every day I feel worse. I thought by now I would be feeling a little more at peace but I am not. I also never lost anyone or anything this close to me so it's a double whammy at the moment.

For those of you further along in the grief process, what are some things that helped you? I looked at some photos tonight and that made me feel better and worse at the same time. I have been crying the past two hours because I got his dog license renewal in my email and had to check off "deceased"...I am having a really hard time understanding the fact that he really is not coming back.
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Hi Dee.

I just posted a letter to my dog Idaho, who I lost 4 weeks ago today. I'm glad you decided to post on this forum. There aren't many people out there who truly understand. There are many kind-hearted people out there whose shoulder you can cry on but I agree, sometimes their patience gets thin. In this forum, though, we all understand the depth of your pain and the kind of grieving you have to go through and that this can take a long time.

It has only been a week for you. It's much too fresh and it's going to be painful for a while. For now, just allow yourself to grieve. Cry your heart out if you need to. It's okay to feel sad and lonely and empty. You just lost someone you dearly loved.

I lost the love of my life 4 weeks ago and I'm still in pain. It has helped me to write in this forum and to read others' experiences. It helps to know that you're not alone and that you're among people who care as deeply for their pets as you do.

I'm sorry for your loss. May you have peace in your heart.
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Hi Dee,
Healing vibes, yes by all means take it easy.  I am still disoriented about what to do with  myself. 
I had littermate kitties, one for almost 16yrs and her brother for 17 1/2.  It's been over 2 months. First, I got stuffed cats that look like them.
  BHS.jpg  stuffed loves.jpg

If I come home to an empty house, I still can't help but start to cry and run to them and hold them tight, talk to them. They lay the on my lap and we watch TV or I put them in sun, their favorite spot. During times I would normally spend time with them I work on a website devoted to them, like I always wanted to do, but they were on my lap ;).  There is no letting go, they will always be with me and me with them.

Writing about them on this forum has also helped immensely, i had really tough end of life issues for both.  I do my best to keep all memories close to me.  Recently I danced around with them celebrating our lives together, they couldn't stay with me forever and overall I am left with a sense of accomplishment and never-ending love. 

It's been particularly tough, because I had animals most of my life and won't be getting more, and I don't like people. Does not leave much. I dream of being an crazy old cat lady in retirment...someday.

I also started donating to the ASPCA.

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Next month will be a year since I lost my boy Apollo. I still cry every now and then about him. I miss him so much. I wish that there were some magic words I could tell you, but there aren't. Time will dull the pain, and you will get used to the house being empty, that's about it. Some people find it helps to write their babies a letter etc. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Having lost my sweet Chester (long Haired dachshund) only 6 days ago I know the pain you are going through and there just isn't anything other than time that is going to help. I try not to mention it to anyone unless I know they love animals because they just don't get it. I live alone and if I didn't have my other dogs (3) I don't think I could stand the sadness. I know some people say not to get another dog right away, but I know if I didn't have my other fur babies, I'd be at the local shelter looking for that special one to love and that needed my love. I don't think it's disrespect for your lost dog, but shows that you loved him enough to want to jump right back in and pass that love on to another dog that may have never experienced what you have to give.

I hope the passing days ease your sorrow and just know that you are certainly not alone as your grieve for your special baby.

Chester's mom (Joan)
joan bartlett
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