My precious, beautiful little Matski it has been one year since I last held you. I have been so lonesome without you no little body to snuggle with when we went to bed, no opening the window in the morning to see what is on the breeze and no tummy sugar from your sweet little belly.

Every morning and every night when I open and close the blinds I see your grave and it just tears my heart out to know that you are so close but I can never hold you again. At least not until I see you again at the rainbow bridge. That will be a very happy day for me.

Always when I thought about the future you were my first priority and now I don't care about anything. You were my rock I could do anything as long as I had you. I can't believe life could go on with you not being here. It has but there is no joy in it. Fourteen years might seem like a long time but it was not long enough to spend with you.
Matski you will always be my precious little Baby. I will always love you my little darling. 
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Hello, I am sorry for your loss, its always hard to loose your fur baby and the pain never completely goes away but they remain a part of you forever in your heart. I lost my baby just over 2 months ago and I have to keep reminding myself that my sweet Butters is no longer physically with me but will remain in my heart forever.
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