How did a year go by so quickly? I miss my Sophie. So very much. 14 years we had together. It gets easier with time, but nothing will completely mend my broken heart.
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I'm sorry for your loss of Sophie. I can hardly believe it has been over 3 weeks since Wiz left me. I don't think we ever get over it completely... This is the 6th time for me and I think it's getting harder. Hugs to you <3
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So sorry for your loss! It was 6 months last week since I lost my Bailey and I wondered how it would feel at one year. I totally agree with what you said about your precious Sophie - even though it gets easier they take a piece of our hearts with them and things are never quite the same.
Hugs to you!
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hi sophies mum/dad- thinking of you and everyone else that has commented on this post.ive wondered also will time heal. im glad that it will get a little better for all of us but yes agree my heart will never ne the same either. elle x
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One year is a pretty big milestone. I remember wondering how did it come to pass, it seemed like only yesterday ago. Sophie is always going to be with you, and it is not unusual for the heart to ache at times, even years later. With great love also comes such a great loss. I hope everyone's heart is able to mend as much as possible.

Blessing to you.

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