My precious JoeJoe,
One year ago tonight I fell asleep with you by my side for the last time. One year ago tomorrow I held you as you took your last breath. I remember the good times...the time you pushed your dish over to my feet while I was cooking as if to say that smells good can I have some. You were so tiny then. From that night for the rest of your life we made you chicken and rice every night. You were spoiled but you deserved it. You were my best friend always there to make me feel better. You loved me no matter what my mood was. You got me through some really rough times.
I miss you so very much!!! I remember how you loved to play tug with your rope. When you got it from me the way you would shake it so hard. The knots bouncing off your little head.It looked like it would hurt but you seemed to love it. I remeber how you loved to play catch. You were so good too.The way you would leap off the sofa to catch the ball. I remember how sad you looked when you realized you couldn't see the ball well enough anymore to catch it. I felt so sorry for you. I remember when you were ready for bed and I wasn't. The way you would lick my knee and look at me as if to say come on mama it's bedtime. When I would get up you would jump off the couch and race down the hall and wait for me.
I still have your dish and the last bone you chewed. They sit by your picture and ashes.
You took such a big piece of my heart when you left this world.I still feel the empty space and I think I will until the day I die.
Give Punky a sloppy wet doggie kiss from mama. I still miss him too. My two baby fur angles you may be absent from this world but you are a very big presence in my heart.
Love Mama
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Our pets are given to us as a gift. It is such a life-long heartbreak when they pass.
The hope we have in Jesus is that when our time is called to go home with Him, He
will answer our prayers as His child and to give us " the desires of our heart" for those
who delight in Him, and be reunited with our loving pets.
Have a Blessed day!
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Thank you I needed that. I just wish it didn't hurt so bad now. Joe Joe came to me at a point in my life when I really needed him. We were together 17 years. Sometimes I think of him and smile. Other times I think of him and still cry. He was a special little guy.He was my gift frm God.
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