Its been a year now since we lost our beautiful Retriever Winston, he was 13, the pain never goes away, We said we would never have another dog, we could never love another he was our baby,  But 3 weeks ago we decided to take in a rescue pup 4 months old , Meg , a collie x, she is a very sweet girl and i no we will give her a good life, Winston was a very special dog and i think of all the wonderful times we had with him, NEVER to be forgotton, Love you Winston, I no we will be together again one day

J catt
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Oh, Jan!  Tears of happiness are welling up in my eyes at the good news about your new puppy love!  I know Winston is doing his happy dance at the Bridge.  I picture it as an endzone dance, with him chanting:

I did it,
I did it,
I got them
A new friend.
Oh yeah, oh yeah
I did it,
I did it,
I'm awesome,
I'm Winston...

And smiling his biggest Winston smile the whole time. 

You are so right.  We miss them forever, but we can open our hearts to new love.  Our Bridge Kids taught us so much about loving and about living in the moment, one day at a time, they want us to know that kind of happiness again. 

Wishing you many wonderful memories of Winston as you're making new memories with beautiful Meg.  I love her name!

My heart is battered and bruised, but I will not let it break. It holds such precious cargo, I must protect it now. (Susie Squillions)

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No fur baby will ever replace the love that you have for Winston and  he knows that.  He is so proud of you for bringing another little one into your home to love. You will learn to love this new little girl.  There is always love to go around.


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That is wonderful news. When we lost our first girl, Gwen, 5 years ago I remembered thinking that maybe our babies grow our hearts bigger so that they can take a piece with them when they go.

And it took awhile before I could even think about bringing in a new puppy. But my Misty - the girl we just lost - had always had a sister and we didn't think it was fair for her not to have a companion. It was bitter sweet when we got Makai, but when we finally made the decision we were ready and knew we wanted to continue with the love. Maybe that's also a way of honoring them - that we are carrying on loving and giving. Meg will be so loved!
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Thankyou all so much for your kind words, I had trouble reading them through the tears x

J catt
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