It's been one year since we lost our beloved Corgi, Susie.  She passed away due to kidney failure... today's been a sad day for me, I remember coming here and posting off and on when she passed, and for a few months after.  This website and forum definitely helped... it was always good to know that we weren't alone, that others know what we've gone through and were willing to offer a kind word.

Susie's Rainbow Bridge site is below... she was such a beautiful girl, and we miss her to this day.

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Jason, I know that 1st year anniversary is hard to cope with. My grief for my newest bridge baby is still very new, Bailey crossed the bridge last Saturday. I know you loved Susie and glad you found comfort here on the forum. I know it helped me cope with Amanda in 2002 and Courtney in 2006 and now will help me deal with the loss of my beagle Bailey. Susie was a lucky do to have a devoted Daddy like you.
             Blessings and peace,
                    Jeanne-Baileys Mom

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