In memory of my precious little Bailey.  We shared 16 wonderful years together and I have such wonderful memories of her.   Although she left this world one year ago today, she has never left my heart.  I love you forever Bailey.   


Bailey's Mom
Gone from this world but never from my heart!
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Deepest sympathy to you on the anniversary of the loss of your darling Bailey. We've been so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to share their lives and unconditional love. They live in our hearts forever and ever.

Murphy's Mom (Kathryn)

"Sometimes there is a dog who is so special, he is able to wrap himself so completely around your heart it is impossible to tell where you begin and he ends."  For My Beloved Murphy, 08/31/2004 - 06/18/2014
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Bailey looks like such a sweetie. In one picture it looks like she is trying to give kisses. I'm sorry you had to lose your dear Bailey, though I am certain that she is still there with you, just not physically. I wish you peace tonight.
~ Leah
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