Its been one week and a day since I lost my Spookie and even though he's not here with me I find myself keeping his spirit alive. When I come home I still greet him by saying Schpookie boyyy. I've been sleeping with his toys on my bed in the same spot where he would sleep. I have gotten rid of his litter box, medications and any remaining food. It took alot to do that. His toys I will keep forever. I look at his pictures as much as possible and talk about him all throughout the day to anyone willing to lend an ear. I do believe talking about him is very helpful with healing. The first few days I would cry when people offered their condolences.
I had a disposable camera in my house for over 10 years which I never developed and while I was cleaning I came across it and had it developed, it had five pictures of him, one was of me sleeping with my arm draped over him. He must have been about 6-7 years old at the time. It really made my day seeing his pics that I had forgotten existed.
Time really does heal, I can feel myself moving on and I would like to offer a little advice...Talk Talk Talk about your babies, it really does seem to help.
I find the most common question from people I talk to is will you be getting another cat? I tell them that when I feel the time is right I will consider it but right now I need get over his loss.
Thank you to everyone who read his story and replied it was very touching knowing people care so much about strangers in need of a shoulder. I wish all the best to everyone.

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I'm so very sorry for the loss of your furbaby, Spookie.  How old was he?

I agree that talking about Spookie is very, very helpful in coming to terms with your grief.  I figure so what if I cry when I'm talking about Mary...she was my best buddy and we had 14 beautiful years together.  I had her put to sleep on July 28 and have gone through every emotion imaginable.

It took me several months to get rid of Mary's things.  Mary is on the hearth in a sweet urn, a picture of her being goofy my sis gave me for my birthday, and Mary's chewed up toys.  I bumped into her collar and leash and put them there, too.  Someday I might move these things and put them away. Or not. 

I was absolutely miserable without Mary.  My husband works nights and those nights were soooo long, lonely and depressing.  My husband didn't want another dog until he saw how poorly I was dealing with being alone for several months.  He asked if another furbaby would help...and into our lives came Annie Loa.  I swear, my Mary had a paw in bringing Annie to us.  I bet Spookie had a paw in you finding the roll of film with you two on it.

I hope that someday you can open your heart up to another furbaby to love.  Spookie will never be replaced or forgotten, so don't worry about that. 

Good luck to you, Steve.

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Dear Steve,

You are navigating your grief the same way I do mine. I keep them alive by talking to them, looking at their pictures, and recalling all the thing that made each Bridge Kid such a special part of my life.  I know that they are always by our sides, but when we talk to them it calls them even closer.  I often pat the air where I sense they are and sometimes I can even feel the resistance of a little spirit there where the body used to be.  It' a tremendous comfort.

Your loss is still so fresh, but it sounds to me like you've found a way to guide yourself in your own healing. What a blessing that is!  For all the "Two steps forward and one step back" days, you have hit on what works for you. I know that when the time is right, Spookie will send another kitty your way; one who needs to know the kind of love you have to give.  Trust him. You'll know when it's THE one meant to help you complete your healing.


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All tears are healing tears.  They help to wash away our sorrow and allow the first buds of happiness to blossom in our hearts. -- Susie "Squillions"

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Hi Steve,
I do the same things you wrote about to keep contact with my kitty who departed 12/13/10. I often talk to him and always sleep with his toy and blanket. I'm so sorry for your loss of Spookie.  Not everyone is fortunate enought to love a pet as deeply as we do and I'm always going to talk to Archie. I have some other beloved cats that are in heaven and I am looking forward to the day we  are together again.   You said talking a lot about it helps and I've found that to be true as long as you pick people who understand. I'm so glad you are sharing your experiences because it helps us all the heal. It's a process and I still cry often because I miss him a lot. The love will last forever and beyond.

I love you my dearest and sweetest little boy "Archie"
I'll be there my little soft baby!
10/27/00 - 12/13/10
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I know how you feel. Today is a week that we had to put Kiki down. I can actually say it has gotten better. This morning I was using aluminum foil and I found myself talking to Kiki as she hated the sound of the foil. I have a nice picture of here and I even took it to work with me. I am thinking of getting a tattoo of an angel kitty with her name under it. There isnt a day that goes by that I do not think or talk to her. I know her spirit is still here.

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i also do the same thing with my little boy buddy....i talk to him when i am driving or at home,,really anywhere..i feel like he hears me and knows how much i love and miss him.. the other day i was at work--someone had brought in some balloons and i kept it with me most of the day...but i decided i wanted to go outside and release it in honor of was a particularly windy day but when i went outside it was pretty calm. i was talking to buddy telling him how much i loved him and missed him and that i would never forget him..and then i said to buddy please don't ever forget me either..all of a sudden a big gust of wind went by and it felt like buddy was telling me he was still there with was tremendous peace..i still cry everyday,,,i still want him here with me,,
but they never really leave us,,we may not see them--but they are here....

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