I put my Kitay down one month. I have much guilt and I think of him everyday. I say I should of taken more measures to give him more care. He had diabetes. I was busy with work and kids ,my cat was getting thinner and vomiting. We took him to the vet . He had diabetes. I saw him dwindle to 71/2 pounds. He was in some pain. I did not try the insulin. My vet suggested it was time to go to cat heaven. I took his word. Later did I realize this disease could of been reversed. I feel devastated. He was 14 1/2 years old. I have been in depression since I put him down. I miss my cat Kitay and wish he were by my side at home when I am cooking , watching tv, he slept at the foot of my bed. He was so weak in the end. I never realized the love and affection he gave me. I cannot go back . I will miss him and regret the decision I made forever.
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I know exactly what you are going through. I, myself feel guilty that I didnot do enough for my  nearly 16 years old cat Shebba. She had hyperthyroidism and anemia. In Sept. 2009 after her yearly check-up and shots, Shebba weight 8.7 lbs.  Her vet wanted to do blood work on her , I declined because of money reasons, I was had huge vet bill for my dog,already I could not afford it. She the vet also never told she suspected there was anything wrong with my cat. So with that I made decision that probably led to my cat demise. If the vet would had told me, she was worry about something was wrong, I would had done it and some how found the money.  She just started to change so fast, she would not kitty litter, instead use the rest of the house as place for her solid waste,, which became more liquid and soft.  She began to pee on the edge on the kitty litter box. I chuck it up as old age. She continued to eat and drink as she normally did. Sometime she would vomit after eating moist food of salmon. I thought there was nothing wrong, probably bad salmon or it was left out and got spoiled.  I never once thought she was sick. The week after Thanksgiving she weighted 6 lbs,yet she didnot looked it, by Christmas her weight was about 4 lbs. She was sick and I should of noticed that. I should had taken her into the vet ,then but I didnot. I waited one extra week by that time she weighted only 2 1/2 lbs. The vet said she need a blood tranfusion, just to survive. I want to, but I feel that my Dad, who was with me, had pressure me out of it. I made that decision to put my fur baby to sleep and today I still hating myself for it.  Hyperthyroidism was so treatable she could had lived much longer, if I got her to the vet earlier, she became anemic because of the weight lost and flea who preyed on her weak state.  All easily preventable.    I wrestle with my emotions over and over every day. I think I took her for granite, that was always be there, health, not as sick as she truly was.     

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I'm very sorry for your loss of Kitay.  I know how hard it is and feeling guilt is very common especially when someone puts their cat to sleep.  It's too bad that sometimes vets can lead people toward a decision.  I definitely don't always trust them.  

I hope that you can find some peace and comfort.  You did the best you could for Kitay and felt it was the right thing at the time and who knows, maybe it was. 

I'm sure that Kitay knew how much you loved him and is grateful that you gave him a good life and so much love.  We miss these little guys so much when we leave, it's just awful.


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It's true that you can't go back and it's also common to feel guilt for euthanising aloved one. Regret, guilt and sadness are unfortunately a part of life but they are also things which are left in this world - they don't last forever. You gave Kitay 14 1/2 years of your life and an eternity in Heaven together awaits.

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I know how you feel.   I put down my Snow with diabetes many years ago and still feel guilty especially since i have had two since then that did fine on insulin but you can't think of the what if's.  I have had to learn that lesson.  Your baby is still with you and in your heart and always will be.  He knows how much you love him and you did the right thing for him.  He is now playing with all my babies at rainbow bridge and you will see him again.
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I feel guilty too.  Our dog, Annie had cancer.  It was so bad.  I feel like we could have done something to prevent this.  But what could we have done?  I too had a cat, for 18 years.  He was old and had stopped eating.  So it was time.  There was nothing I could do. 
I have never heard that diabetes in animals could be reversed.  My good friend's dog had it and there wasn't much she could do and she was giving her insulin.  I think it depends on the animal... but only a vet would know that answer... that and God.  But think... would your Kitay would have wanted this?  Kitay would want for you to embrance the memories the two of you had.  I posted this in my blog about my Annie... 
"Loss is a tiny word that is bigger than any emotion.  It digs a hole in our hearts so big that we long for it to be mended.  But those memories of our loved one filled our hearts up once with joy.  We need to embrace those memories and let them fill that hole." 
It's ok to grieve.  It's ok to think about the 'what if,'  It's ok to get mad or sad or accept it. 
It would be unnatural for it to be any other way.  But Kitay would not want for you to dwell on this.  Our loved ones are playing all together, happily with out any pain, discomfort or fear.  Imagine a place where each day is sunny, happy and so many adventures to be had. 
We will all see them again.  Don't you worry about that. 
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