Dearest Luca -

I still can't believe you are not part of our daily routine.. Today is exactly one month you became an Angel in "Kitties Heaven"!

I' m so sorry!!! We couldn't save you.... We did everything we could but as of now there's no cure for the illness which struck you with no warnings.

I'm sure you couldn't comprehend why you were not feeling well, why you couldn't run and play with your Sister Natalie, why you couldn't chase the paper balls I threw for you to catch and why you couldn't eat even when you knew you were hungry....

My little Boy .... So many questions I coudn't answer for you because I was so ignorant about this dreadful disease. I never heard of FIP until it was too late.....

By the time I was made aware of it... Your little body was already fighting the "impossible battle".... Thank you for not giving up... Thank you for being an inspiration of courage and determinarion and....

Thank you for the wonderful 377 days you blessed my life!!!!

Our time in this world was very short but one day we will see each other again and we will have all eternity to be together with the rest of the "Meow Gang" and your Canine brothers.... Yes, them too :)

I don't know how long we will have to wait (maybe you do you have "friends" in really high places) but
I PROMISE you whatever time I have in this world...

I will dedicate it to create awareness and find ways to support Scientists whom as I write this post ... Are working hard to find a cure to Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

I'm SO sorry ... I couldn't do more for you.... The knowledge I obtained in those 25 days you were sick was not of help to you. Please forgive me!!!! Time and health was not a gift given to you....

The gift given to you was your quality to touch so many lives at so many levels.... Your gift to me ... Was to allow me to be your Mom... Your Guardian for those 377 days and now Your Voice!!!

People will know who you "are" and what you endured..... Your story will help other families to understand and cope with the devastating diagnose of FIP..... And hopefully one day your story will be attach "somehow" with the news about a Cure being found.

I will not rest until a different path in the understanding and treatment of FIP is created...

But you on the other hand... I want you to rest in peace! Enjoy your time in the meadow free of pain and suffering... One day we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together - I PROMISE!!!!

We ALL love you and miss you so much .... OUR BELOVED LUCA!!!!
Maria ---- Luca' Mom
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    I'm So so sorry for your loss of Luca. Loosing our little furry family members is so heart wrenching..... We always want to do what's best for our little ones and when we can't help them we feel so helpless and guilty. I can tell you did everything you knew how to do and I don't know what else could be asked of you. My sweet dog, Chili, passed away over six months ago of liver cancer. When she was diagnosed, we were told she would only live for a couple of days, but I think she knew I wasn't ready to part from her, so she graced me with another four and a half months together. I consider the time a true gift, a blessing from God. Perhaps your gift was not only Luca's ability to touch you and others, but witnessing his courage. You were lucky to have each other, and now it sounds as if you are going to use your love of him to fuel your desire to help work towards the cure for FIP. That will be a fitting tribute to Luca, indeed.

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What beautiful words and what a wonderful tribute you have made to your precious Luca. The love you shared is so evident in your tribute. Yesterday was 1 week since my baby girl Daisy Mae and I said goodbye. I can't even imagine 1 month. And LG 6 months? My gosh the pain I've felt in this one week I just don't know if I can get through this. The emptiness and silence is just so overwhelming. Every minute of every day I think of my baby girl and the pain gets worse by the second. Losing my precious and greatest gift has humbled me like never before. It makes me want to be the best person I could be and that's the lesson of love I learned from her in our loving time together. She taught me responsibility and humility. I thank her and I thank God for the love we shared and the lessons I learned. I love you Daisy Mae with all my heart.....Forever!!!

God bless

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Hi David and Maria,
    Yes, over six months since Chili's passing and it is still so, so hard..... I find that at the anniversary of each passing month it is especially difficult. It is inconceivable that she is gone now six months-half a year! It is even more inconceivable that she has missed holidays, birthdays, get-togethers and will miss so many more!  How can this be?

And yet, time marches on.....

I think we will all be crying for a long time to come..... I find some comfort in knowing that there are others who truly understand such loss, even when family and friends sometimes don't.

I can feel the pain you are both in.Please take care of yourselves, both physically and emotionally.  STAY BUSY! Find ways to honor your babies. Communicate your feels and needs.

Please know I am thinking of you and sending the warmest wishes your way.....

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Hello David and LG -

So sorry to hear about your respective losses. So grateful we all have this forum to communicate our feelings and support each other.

Losing a pet is never easy but when it happens to a young cat like Luca.... It makes it so much more difficult. I've lost other pets in the past.... But the grieving for Luca is much greater!

David.... The first week after Luca's passing was the worst! As time goes by you start feeling a little bit better. Not OK... just better. Nothing nor anyone can replace the empty space your fur baby left behind.

I spent countless hours watching videos and photos of Luca. It was a source of comfort... Cried for many hours and still do.... What you are experiencing is very normal.... Daisy Mae was such an integral part of your life and it is totally understandable you feel so "unhinched" by her passing.

Take as much time as needed to take care of yourself and your emotions.... Don't allow anyone to enforce a "timeline" on your grieving process.

If possible.... Please share what happened to your beautiful Daisy Mae. She was such a cutie!!!! Will keep you and Daisy Mae in my thoughts and prayers.

LG.... You were blessed by having Chili with you for several months after her diagnose. I truly believe .... Our beloved fur babies fight their illnesses with all their strength! Sometimes even hiding the simptoms in order to avoid making us feel bad.

We were blessed with these "gentle souls" who made our lives so wonderful for whatever long or short time they were with us. We are also blessed because we are able to love... To understand and being able to accept love in its purest of forms.

Animals are pure.... God placed them in our lives to teach us.... To help us grow... To allow us to become more in touch with the universe He created!

Grieving is the price we pay for loving so deeply!!!!

Once again ... Thanks for the kinds words and I truly hope you both are feeling "better" today!



Maria ---- Luca' Mom
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Hi Maria,
   Thanks for your kind words. They are much appreciated.  You said:

"Grieving is the price we pay for loving so deeply!!!"

and I totally agree! I was so, so lucky to have Chili in my life! She had several health problems in her twelve years that were life threatening and she got through all of them until her liver ca.  I can remember many times whispering in her ear "Your getting better and better and better", even when the vets had said she would likely die. Somehow I knew she wouldn't. She was so strong and stubborn!

I somehow knew she WOULDN'T survive this time, though....  I whispered my words to her and prayed over her and laid my hands on her, trying to give her some of my strength, but in my heart I knew I would loose her. I do believe she stayed those last four and a half months because I needed her so....  

I recently wrote in another post that there never would have been enough time, and I truly believe that! I was so, so lucky to have her for as long as I did. I try not to focus on the additional years we might have had together because I believe God gifted me with many years I might not have had.

I wish you had those years with your Luca......

It is obvious, though, that he had a strong spirit to have touched your lives in such a profound way in his short 377 days of life. I'm glad you and him and he had you, even if only for a short time.
Warm wishes for comfort and peace are coming your way.


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