Hello Bridge Friends, it's me David again, here one last time to say a final goodbye to Miss Kitty. Today is Wednesday and one month ago today is the last time I saw Miss Kitty. I fed her at around 8:30pm Wednesday night. And as usual she stood up on her back legs and put her front paws on my chest, she laid her head down on my chest and purred. I had no idea that this would be the last time I would see Miss Kitty. The following morning I woke up to get ready for school, and Miss Kitty was nowhere around. If you've read my previous posts you already know that I knew she was sick. But I had no idea that she was gravely ill.
Her appetite was strong and she fooled me into thinking that she would get better over time. What a cruel trick nature pulled on me! The lesson I learned is this . . . . If in the future I see that one of my pets is sick, I'm not going to let a strong appetite fool me into thinking that everything is ok. Because of my ignorance of just how sickly ill Miss Kitty really was, she paid the price with her life. I truly pray that she forgives me for not doing more to help her. 

A few days ago I came home from school and 3 of my neighbor girls was sitting on the front porch of my house. They had a box, and in the box was a tiny kitten. The girls know how much I love animals and they were very happy to see that I warmly received the little kitten into my home.
I named the kitten, Puma. 

Puma is very sweet, but she can never replace Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty has a special place within my heart for only her and no one else. 

Here's a pic of me and Puma: 

Good bye,
Miss Kitty's friend forever
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What a beautiful picture of you and Puma!  Miss Kitty would be so proud of you for taking this little one into your home and into your heart. I would like to think that Miss Kitty had a paw in your getting this new little baby. She is so cute!

As you know, animals try to hide their illness as an instinctual form of protecting themselves.  Many of us didn't notice how sick are babies were at first. 



Karen,Kudo and Nico's mom
Earth mom to Marco and Bella
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Puma looks like a fuzzball of wonderful.  I wish you and your precious babies a long happy life together.  I too have taken in a new baby.  This is Pippin.  They sure do bring joy to our lives.  

Barbara Lyngarkos
My Beloved Ted 8/7/2005 - 7/7/10
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David: So happy that a new friend has found you. I, too, believe that Puma is a gift to you provided by your beloved, Miss Kitty.

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Thank you for letting us know you are ok. If anyone reading here is new, please go back and read David's previous threads.   He is a most unusual and intellingent young man with extraordinary insight and understanding for his age! 
That was very thoughtful of your neighbors to bring you that precious kitten.  Puma can never replace Miss Kitty, but I hope you grow to love her and I hope she brings you many smiles.   
I gather this is your last time here so I want to say goodbye.  You have brought so much and written so many thought-provoking words here and we will miss you!  I'm sure you have a wonderful future ahead of you.  You have a very good heart.  Don't ever lose that!
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David. I am soooooo glad to hear from you. I missed hearing from you. Your new kitty is so sweet...Miss Kitty would be so happy for you.
You are a person of great wisdom for your age, and though I am old enough to be your grandmother, you have given me alot by your posts. please come by when you can.
Barb...pippin is so cute.  Now how do all you smart people put photos that big on your message....thanks for sharing the pictures, it makes my day to see peoples new babies.  thankyou.
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