One month ago I lost my little guy Wesker. Some days I think I'm doing better with it other days I feel like staying in bed crying. It feels like its been a lot longer than a month since ive seen my little guy. I still slip into the habit of calling his name sometimes at night when im going to bed cause he always joined me. We took in two kittens my husband thought it'd help me cope and theyre adorable but they're still extremely skittish around people and hide if you go near them. I have mixed feelings about them but I know theyll grow on me. I was so blessed to have had Wesker in my life for the short time I did he loved me unconditionally as I did him. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him and I know the tough days are not over. Being apart of this community has been such a blessing to me when I read your stories on your fur babies my heart aches for each of you.
Well little guy it fits today is national pet rememberance day and I will be lighting a candle for you. Love you baby boy ♡
♡r.i.p. Wesker 05-10-13♥
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I could be writing exactly the same post as you.  It's just over three weeks since I lost Thomas and some days I am coping well and other days I just want to go to bed and cry until I can't cry any more.  we've got two new cats who are both very nervous and spend most of their time hiding.  I know that I will come to love them in time but at the moment I just don't.  I'm glad that we have them and that they are not in the rescue centre anymore but I still want my little boy back.

I am finding it something of a comfort being here and reading stories that are so similar to mine.  I ache for everyone but it helps me feel as though I'm not mad, that what I'm feeling is perfectly natural and understandable.  When I think I'm not reacting in a normal way I come here and know that others can understand how I am feeling.
Thomas Cat
In our lives 14/4/2009 - 18/05/2013
In our hearts forever
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