It’s Tuesday which means it’s officially been 4 weeks since Jasmine passed. A whole month. It hit me hard earlier because I found a shoelace she use to love chasing around. I can’t believe it’s been so long. 💕 I miss your silly faces and funny little snores. I miss the couch cuddles. 17, nearly 18, years you blessed me with. I miss the way I’d walk into the kitchen and she’d meow and run over at me while staring at her bowl or the fridge. One whole month. I can’t believe it.
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Amanda, I really have no words as Friday will be a month for me and I'm dreading it, but I am keeping you and your sweet Jasmine in my thoughts❤❤
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I am so sorry. It’s been exactly 1 month since I put my18 yr old cat down too. I still can’t believe it. I just cry so much. He was my best friend who was with me through some very hard times. I have a blanket with his picture at the end of my bed where he slept. I don’t know if that’s just morbid or comforting. I just know I want him back. I really feel your pain. It’s harder than I ever thought. Many hugs and do something special today for yourself. You deserve it.
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Amanda, Not sure how the time without them can pass so quickly. I love your Jasmine pictures. Such a happy kitty without a care in the world.

It will be 4 weeks this Friday for me as well and it feels like 4 years. The house feels so empty and lonely. I rarely ever feel loneliness, but without my dogs it really kicks in. Who knew that these little furry creatures would make such huge impacts on our lives. Little bodies with giant spirits

Mom to Millie, Roman, Snoopy & step sister to O'Boy
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The pictures of Jasmine are so beautiful, she really was a "queen"! You were lucky to have each other.
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