Today makes a month since you left me. A month since I 1st felt this heartbreak and I promise this pain has only grown. Whoever said time heals must not have felt what I feel time has did nothing but place tear stains on my face. I unplugged, took a trip and yet I still hurt for you my Bella. It has been one month and it is still hard for me to say to ppl that I no longer have you the thought alone hurts. I still look for you my luv , I still listen for you. I never realized how much of my life belonged to you how much of my happiness was shared with you. Everything is different now I have never felt this form of lonely. I dont see you when I wake up, no one to have movie night with, or late night talks to. Even going to the bathroom feels different cause you never let me go alone! No one to cook for or read to noone to take drives with or relax at the park with no one to protect. You truly left a void and trying to exist without you is like learning to be a whole new person. I miss you my bella I miss you so so much.💔
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I feel your pain and I know how hard it is. It has been less than a week since my baby boy went outside to play and never came home. I just found out on Monday what had happened to him. The pain is so real. I am like you I dont know if it will ever end. I hope for us it will someday be a little less painful but just know that you are not alone.
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She was beautiful, so sorry for your loss. Lost my girl a month ago today. Everything you spoke about is definitely how I feel. I so understand. Hugs to you.
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Dear Monique,

I too am so sorry for what you are experiencing and having to endure. I am 6 months in tomorrow, I still break down crying at times, but it absolutely does change. The smoke beings to clear. Just continue to ride it out sweetheart, as Boxermomforever said, "you are not alone." We are all with you in spirit and comradeship. Many members can not post comments here as they are also completely heartbroken, but they still read posts and sympathize. 

Kind regards,

Ps I was touched by your movie night comment. I had acquired a vast number of movies to watch with my cat Marmalade at my side, keeping me company. It was both of our favorite time together. But we never got a change to watch many of them. : /  So I can totally relate to your sentiment, as I'm sure many others here can too.
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