My constant companion, the love of my life for 14 years. Why must we have to make the decision!? Just one month ago today I had to make the decision to put my baby down. I can't cry because I know I won't stop. Three weeks I kept her in the freezer until I was ready for the final step of having her cremated. She is home furever now.
I told myself and others that I would not get another cat. That lasted all of FIVE days! The house was just too empty and quiet. I found myself still talking to her, heard her little pitter-pat on the floor, still felt her nuggled up next to me. She can never be replaced but now one has turned in to two new babies! They have restored the love I have and, dare I say, SAVED MY LIFE! But, I still miss my baby girl terribly.
Losing a pet IS losing a member of the family.
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Many of us have had to make that terrible decision.  I have had to make it for three cats.  But, as you know, the alternative is to make our babies suffer so that we can put off having to face the difficult decision.  It is an act of love to take away the pain and suffering that our precious fur babies are experiencing or may experience soon,  but take on the miserable grief and questioning that comes afterward.  

Of course no cat can replaced, since they are members of the family.  But you now have some new babies to fall in love with over time.  Of course you miss your other companion who you lost.  That doesn't go away for a long time and for some of us it never totally goes away.   I am glad that a new cat entered your life so quickly though and has given you even more cats to love.   

Everyone in this forum understands grief and everything that goes with it.  We are here to grieve with you as you go through the process.
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