Maple, 1998-2013.

We lost our kitty Maple today. :( She was 15, actually almost 16, since her birthday is in February. She liked playing, eating, sleeping, getting into boxes, sleeping, catnip, sleeping, and overall being the queen of the house. She was more my sister's cat, back when we originally got our first cats... they were our two, Java and Maple. They were a pair, a couple of kittens who grew up together as best friends. I love her. I miss her so much. 

I miss the way that Maple would be kitty in charge... when there was a new cat introduced into the house, she would hiss and give them a hard time and then eventually when they'd passed some kind of test, she would grant them permission to eat near her. I remember that time she escaped the house randomly (she's an indoor cat), through a flimsy screen window... I can just picture her there like a little princess, awaiting her silly humans to let her in. She loved vanilla ice cream, and that was her treat on her birthday and other special occasions. Along with the standard catnip and tuna dishes. Maple was the perfect lazy cat, sleeping whenever and wherever she wanted. I keep remembering playing with her as a kitten with one of those fishing pole type toys. Maple was in our family since 1998, when she was a little kitten... my sister picked her because she was being picked on/beaten up by her sibling, she was only a pound or two when we got her. I'll never be able to look at a maple leaf, or maple syrup the same again. She once swallowed a needle, accidentally. She got a thread in her mouth and then the needle came right along with it... my father saw it happening and tried to grab it, but it was too late. She had to go in for surgery after that, she recovered just fine. But since that incident, we always were extra cautious whenever someone was sewing something... an aunt was visiting and said "oh is this the needle cat?" and that goofy nickname stuck around for quite some time after. Then there was the time she got multiple colors of paint on her butt somehow, and for the rest of the day wherever she sat there'd be these multi-hued spots throughout the house.

Mapes had developed jaw cancer, and although she was ok at first, when it worsened, it happened fast. It was also likely that the cancer had spread, too. :( So this was something that was coming, expected, unlike last time we lost a baby (the other kitty we lost, Java, got very suddenly sick in 2005 with a liver problem at age 7, he is also very loved and very missed). My father was getting ready to have to bring Maple to the vet to be put down very soon, but she surprised us by passing quietly at home today. I think that part's for the better. She hated car rides more than any of our other cats, and I'm relieved that wasn't among her last experiences. It's weird, she seemed to hold on long enough to just make it through Christmas so she could see us siblings who've grown and were returning to the parents' house for the holidays. They say that people sometimes will hold on like that before letting go, and I just learned today that apparently cats do this too. I've been laying awake the last couple nights thinking and crying over her- I had a feeling this would be happening sooner than later. She'd gotten so frail in the last week or so. It's simultaneously the most heartwarming, happy thing to have a pet... and also the most heartbreaking, deeply painful and tragic experience, when they leave our lives. 

Love you, Mapes. I'm sure you and Java are out there playing and cuddling together again right now.
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Dear forthefallen. 

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Maple. I have a cat called Mable! My other cat, Molly, was put to sleep 5 days ago. It's a horrible feeling and somehow, you can't quite believe they have gone.

It's great that you are remembering all the funny little things that made Maple so special, and enjoying all those many happy memories. I remember Molly leaping into a tray of paint when I was decorating the bathroom. I thought I was being careful, but obviously not careful enough. She then ran through the house leaving a trail of cream paw prints! Funny little things. I think that all the happy memories will bring you great comfort in time. 

Sending love and prayers your way, Mary-Jane xx
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Thank you. It feels so much emptier around here... even though we have other cats, her absence is still so heavy around the house. I still find myself thinking that it's her coming down the stairs or laying on a bed. 

Mable is a great name for a kitty. :) I'm so sorry to hear about your baby Molly, too... having to decide when it's time to let go has to be the hardest decision to go through. How old was she? 

I keep hoping the happy memories will help, too, and I'm glad that I have 15 years' worth to go through. It's good to hear that you have some funny little memories too, that's a cute paint story about Molly. Kitties have this great talent for finding things they shouldn't get into... and getting right into them. I think things like that are always my favorite kitty stories. 

Thank you again for the thoughts and prayers, and the kind words. You'll be in mine too, along with your little one.
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I'm so to hear about your kitty. I also have other kitties but my Leeloo was very special to me. Knowing they will someday leave us never makes it any easier to deal with the loss. I enjoyed reading about your happy memories of Maple, and think its an absolutely lovely name. Thank you for sharing your loving experience. Grief can be a roller coaster, with a lot of different phases or emotions, but know that you will find support here if you need it. Hugs.
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Thank you for the comforting words and the support. 

It's definitely hard to look at our other kitties and know that someday we'll lose them too. It seems so unfair that their lives are so much shorter in comparison to ours...
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