Once in a lifetime, a very sweet and special little soul will come along, and they will wrap themselves so completely around our very heart and soul. When they look up at us with those beautiful and trusting eyes of theirs, when they lay their dear little head upon our shoulder, when they give us the pure and absolute joy of their unfaltering love, well there is just no going back. It is amazing how quickly we become attached to these precious little ones, and once they find their way into our hearts, they are ours forevermore, until our eyes meet once again in a kinder, gentler place.

Write to your dear departed pet, talk to them, call out their name, you may not be able to see them with your eyes, but you can always feel them with your heart. The veil is so thin for those who love with such depth and with every ounce of their being. The bond cannot be broken, and the love never ends, it just keeps getting stronger. This journey of grief never gets easier per say, it just gets different, and we do learn to eventually live with this so called new normal, and incorporate it into our daily lives. Acceptance is so painfully hard, when all we really want to do is collapse to our knees, and beg the very Heavens above to please give them back to us.

They mattered, they made such a huge difference in our lives and our world, and we must try to be grateful for every single moment we had together. Because as devastating and painful as it was to lose them, the real tragedy would be to never have never known them at all. You will get back to you, I promise you this, but it will be a different you. Sometimes we have to embrace the pain and feel broken in order for the light to come shining back through. But one thing is for certain, the light will always break through the darkness, and the hope and promise of brighter days ahead is their legacy to us in the deepest depth and throes of our grief and our most painful moments.

When all is said and done, the one fact that remains is that we don't want these memories, we want them back home with us where they belong, but if we cannot have that, at least we can hold onto them ever so tightly and feel their warm and wonderful spirit all around us. We must know and truly believe that this is not the end, but the beginning of a new relationship, and one that is based on hope, faith, and that surreal and everlasting connection.

Sometimes we have to walk through the valley in order to come out stronger, deeper, and with a new and heightened perception of how fleeting and precious life is. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so love them with all of your heart while they are here and make every moment count, and when they do have to cross that bridge, make sure that they feel your loving presence with them every step of the way. Keep holding on so tightly to them way past the shadows, way past the sunbeams, and beyond the most brilliant rainbow ever.

One day down the road, after so many tears and so much pain, after literally feeling like your heart has shattered into a million tiny pieces, you will find those broken pieces slowly coming back together again. Instead of mourning their death, you will finally find yourself being able to celebrate their life, a life so well lived, and a life so very loved. You will keep your precious once in a lifetime baby tucked safely away in a special corner of your heart, while they wait for you in their beautiful new world.

Like a lovely spring flower bursting into bloom, like a delicate snowflake in your hand, like one single sparkling star in the night sky, these dear and special little souls are gone far too soon, but their sweetness and love lasts forever and a day. Once in a lifetime, a very sweet and special little soul will come along, and our hearts will melt, and we will fall utterly and hopelesly in love with them. There is no going back, and even if there was, would we really want to?

This journey of grief is so like the ebb and flow of the ocean, where you believe that you have your feet planted firmly on the shore after trying for so long to just keep your head above water, but then a rogue wave comes out of nowhere and catches you unaware, and carries you right back out to the vastness and the emptiness of the open sea.

The pain and sorrow will feel devastating and relentless, but do not despair, because our beloved ones are still so close, they are just a breath and a heartbeat away, and the beautiful and special love we shared with them will guide us out of the darkness, and into the light of a a brand new day. They chose us, they saved us, and they loved us with a love that knows no bounds. We will hold on to the sweetness and joy of our unbreakable bond, and we will carry them with us today, tomorrow, and for all eternity.

Pamela Lynne Crawford
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Beautiful words.

Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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What a beautiful post, and so true and so needed by so many of us. I actually read Psalm 23, "..though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, Thou art with me..." to Ginger in her last hours. Of course it was more for me than her 💕
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Absolutely beautiful! How comforting. Thank you. Deeder was one of those special souls that touched my life and he wrapped himself around my heart. Reading this tonight has made me feel close to him again. God bless, Jeanne
Jeanne Swift
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