Heart is sad my bff Tasha a darling lil chiwawa was hit by some idiot driving to fast.the sight of her helpless little body is haunting me.all I could was cry,scream and stand and watch her take her last breath. I was frozen with pain,fear,shock, and disbelief that the car didnt evn stop...i called her name tasha,tasha gt up come on but she was leaving to doggy heavn. My 10 yr old saw it so my heart is double hurt..we have had Tasha since birth..she was loyal fun,cute and well traind...she was the best dog ever...Today was a tramatic day i now kno what it feels like to loose ur bff
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My dog was hit by a car yesterday as well. Unfortunately, I never saw who did it, and I couldn't be there for her in her last moments. It hurts and I understand your pain. I hope we both heal in time.
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OMG I say to both of you.  So very sorry for your losses.


Our dog passed last Sunday night.  Tucked him in bed with us and he didn't wake up.

It is the WORST thing losing your special pet.  But know that time makes things better.  And you will recover.

I still miss my guy like crazy and don't know why he isn't here any more. 

But I am getting better.  You will get better too.

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It has been 6 weeks since my 3 year old dog got hit by a car. I cannot imagine having to witness the incident. I can assure you it does get better. I still cry sometimes even especially when I hear of things like this. The first week drug on and on...I cried constantly. I've a 4 month old son which helps to occupy your mind. The best thing I can say is stay busy and find supportive people who understand what you are going through. 
-Taken too soon-
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