Marley you know how much you have been missed. I cry for you often. I miss your silly ways. Today I am grieving a brother you never meet but about too at Rainbows Bridge. He was a rescue we decided to foster along with his blood brother Rocky in your honor after you passed. Like you Marley, the start of his life was harsh living in the streets but ended in our home where we showed never ending love and respect. Oliver passed away today from kidney failure, he was a very good boy, you would have loved him as we did. Please look out for him and let him know that we wished only glorious memories and we will never stop loving him. Also let him know that although his brother Rocky took care of him while on the streets he can rest assure that we will take care of him now for the rest of his life.

Miss you both...

- Ana (Marleys momma)
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I am so sorry for your loss.  It is never easy an ALWAYS too soon.  You are doing a wonderful thing by rescuing these babies as you do.  Sending you hugs and wishing you peace soon knowing your babies will meet up over the Bridge.
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Katy Lou, you will forever be in my heart.  Until we meet again.  Daddy loves and misses you so much.  You are daddys daughter.
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