Pushing through day 12 without Olive. It's getting a little easier to get through each day. This may sound strange but I am missing the paralyzing grief. I feel as if the further I get away from the newness of it all... The further away I get from her. Part of me just wants to wallow in that overwhelming pain, because that's all I have left of her. It's too rapidly becoming "normal" to have her not here.
I have so wanted to just have a dream of her. For her to visit me in my sleep. She is buried in our garden and each and every day, I put flowers on her grave. I tell her good-bye every time I leave the house and without fail, every time I return, I go to her grave and speak to her before I come inside.
Last night, finally I DID dream of her. There was nothing in the dream about her specifically, she was just THERE. all throughout my dream, Olive was there, with me. I remember talking to her. It was just a dream about me in my house and everytime I looked over , there she was. It was so comforting.
This morning my husband came to me and said " I miss Olive so much" . He has found it really hard to talk about her and I am the initializing conversations about her. He then said that he dreamt about her last night. I told him I had too. I asked him what his dream was about he said, she was just there. He was going about his day at home and everytime he looked down , there she was.... Like she had never left.
I find it fitting that we dreamt about her in this fashion.... That she was just "there" like she had never left us. I believe she hasn't left us. She is just there.
We love you Ollie... Always will
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That's so wonderful! I'm glad for you both ... I believe it ... they are still around, checking on us, letting us know that the love is forever ... and that we'll be together again.
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I know exactly what you mean about that feeling that we get used to them not being there. I hated the first time I woke up and knew my girl wasn't there and I could feel myself getting used to it. I know what you mean. It's too weird.

But...I guess you must know how rare it is for two people to have the same dream on the same night?? That has got to be one of the most clear signs that Olive was trying to show you she still loves you. She may even still be around. Sometimes they do, for a little while before going into Spirit. Even when they do -they can still visit sometimes!
I bet you will have other experiences yet. That was quite beautiful. 
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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How wonderful for the both of you that she came to you both in the same way on the same night.

I think you are both so very lucky.

AND I think she Loves you both very much forever.

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Oh your story gave me goosebumps. From how you have described Olive, I have fallen in love with her. I to want to stay in my grief . I dont want to resume happy life without her. I sleep with her ern next to my heart.I am so glad Olive had you two for her loving family. Id like to read more about your special family
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 First off my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.  That is so cool that your baby came to both of you in your dreams like that. I haven't  had any dreams with my Bodacious yet. At least that I can remember. Our babies are with us more than we realize. Which it is comforting to know when they visit us. It takes time to get our emotions under control. It's hard to loose our babies, they work their way into our hearts & defiantly leave their paw prints in there to be forever bonded with us.  I have found out so much coming to this sight & talking to others going threw the same thing as me. Bodacious is enjoying it also. It has opened up allot of doors for me & Bo.  Try to stay strong & talk to your baby & share with her what all you post here. They like that.  It makes them happy & to feel special. And it lets them know just how much you are thinking of them. It also helps to ease the pain. It has for me. If you would like to visit Bodacious. He is a Resident.  Please sign the Guest Book.  As he really enjoys me reading it to him. And also gives us great pleasure to know that others care and are out there for us. Thank you & God Bless
Bodacious Mommy
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