Each time I realize it once more (which happens every few minutes), I get this electric shock
and those words "Oh no" pass through my mind.  Oh no - it's true.  He's really gone and he's
not coming back.  There's no deals to be made, no promises or hopeful ideas.  This is final. He
is gone and I'm here missing him so badly.  I almost can't stand it but of course, I have to stand
it.   I'm so sorry for each and every one of us who is grieving.  What a harsh pain.  It really aches
all the time.   I feel so sorry for my poor little Purrfect.  He was in pain and I could not let him
suffer.  I just wish it didn't have to be that way.   Purrfect, mommy loves you with all her heart
and misses you every second.  Your sister Purrl misses you too and so I'm trying to be really nice
to her and show her extra love and attention.   Thank you for visiting me in dreams and sleeping
with me.
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I hope you start feeling better just remember our furry angels are in our hearts forever
r.i.p. Chivs <l3
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Hi I understand how you feel. I can't seem to stop crying. I feel so bad for my son who hates to see my cry but I just can't seem to help it. I miss my baby so much and my heart continues to break each day. I thought by now I would have at least stopped crying everyday but no the waterworks come. Your so lucky that perfect is coming to you in dreams. I long for Elvis to come to me. I'm trying to remind myself of everything not just the good times. I remember when my husband died the therapist told me to mourn the whole man not just the good times. It helps to put things into perspective. Even so I don't know if I will ever heal from this loss. Elvis was my heart and my late husband was to but it's just different. I hope you start to feel better. Lori
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I am so sorry for your pain. I have been doing the same thing and thinking the same thoughts, it's just so painful to know it's final. They are at peace now. You loved your baby too much too see him in any pain and he knew you were helping him. That's what I have to keep telling myself. You are so lucky to have him in your dreams.... I pray for Bear to visit me but he hasn't yet. I'm so sorry, I just wish words could take away pain.

Bears mommy
Lori brant
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Hello Chiv and Lori.  I wish you didn't have to understand what I'm going through but our grief is indeed something we all have in common.  It's tough and I guess I'm not being a good soldier.  I make my partner sad because he loves Purrfect as much as I
do and really misses him something terrible.  It's just that I don't want to forget him or anything about him.  Perhaps I need to write
it all down.  Anyway, thank you for your thoughts and good wishes.
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Annie birdseed, sweetheart -you don't EVER have to forget Purrfect!
I had someone tell me tonight that it was time I let go of Misty and moved on.
I know that is not what is happening, not what is real in both my Soul and Misty's. I know it is a different story. That person just simply can't see.

There always is that horrid feeling "Oh no, it really is true. They really have gone". I used to get that every single day when I woke up after a deep sleep. Now I don't care. I get up, kiss her picture and say "Good morning darling" Like I always used to every morning.
There is no need to "move on" anywhere where a true loved one is concerned. They will ALWAYS be in your heart, and always with you in spirit.
You will find a way to live what is left of your life, but that does NOT mean you ever have to forget a loved one whether they live in the physical world or the non-physical world!
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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Thank you Lori Brent also.  I apologize for missing you the first time but I got confused with two Loris.  And thank you Misty's mama too.  Your words help me to accept what has happened.  I am grateful
to have this place to come to and speak of Purrfect and how much I love him to other people who do understand.
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