Hello friends

It's been a week since the passing of my baby boy (well he was 15 so not much of a baby I guess haha!) and before finding this forum, I really felt alone in my feelings. He was my family's pet, so although we all lost him, it seemed like the rest of my family had moved on so much quicker, and I didnt feel like I could confide in them. I felt alone in my sadness. But then, on a whim, I looked up "Pet loss support groups" and God led me to this website, where I was able to confide in all of you amazing people, and learn how to live with my grief. Thank you all! I dont know how I would have lived in my sadness without the help and support from you all. 

Much love, and God bless everyone. 
(I attached a pic of the last day we spent with Bennie, and our first day back with him. we received his ashes back yesterday. although his spirit is in heaven, his body is back home) IMG_0389.jpeg  IMG_0439.jpeg 
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Dear Lauren,

Beautiful display. Thank you for sharing those images of Bennie and his memorial display with us and your heartfelt sentiment. I too was helped by the wonderful people of this forum. After those in my life did not understand what I was experiencing in my grief, guilt, remorse, sadness and guilt.

When it comes to our beloved's ashes, to me I feel that they are sacred. The year before my cat Marmalade was put to sleep, I could not afford to have him put to sleep or cremated. And was going to be forced to obtain a voucher from Animal Control to have him put down, and I was going to bury him in a public park 4 blocks away. Which made me sad as he would be in a strange place without me. But Marmalade pulled through.

Last year I could afford to have him put to sleep and cremated as devistating and heartbreaking as that was for me to do. Each morning and night I speak to Marmalade's ashes and paw print. They are displayed on my night stand beside where I sleep. I pray for him and to him.

When I went to pick up his ashes from the Animal Hospital I wrote about the experience here on the forum. It was very deep and mystical. And I had been expecting nothing.

I like to think of what Dr. Carl Sagan said about our having been made from the element carbon, which is made up of exploded stars from over 4 billion years ago. All life on Earth is made up of carbon. So that means our beloved pets were also made up of carbon and thus stardust. Which means their ashes are made up of carbon and thus stardust. 4 BILLION year old stardust.

Which is fitting when you consider how much we loved our lost beloved's. They were each like shooting stars in our lives.

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Our pets will always be our babies no matter how old they get. I still call them "puppy" no matter what age they are. The great thing about pets is they are eternal babies (we have bred them to be young-like for their whole lives). We're glad you found this forum to where everyone has lost a pet or is going to lose a pet soon. Grief is such an individual thing and there's no timeline and no right or wrong way or even stages. Bennie was a family member. My dogs are my kids and when I lost two I felt like I lost two of my daughters. The ashes to me and pawprint are important. I believe animals have souls and know our feelings and visit us to make sure we're okay. Blessings and hugs.
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