Well, Kitty... it looks like you are gone.Even though you did not have a name; I will still miss you. I bet it has been over ten years since I found you near death on the front porch. I really thought you were a goner those first few days. I hope you didn't mind living in the hay mound all these years. I have to tell you that climbing that ladder each and every day to feed and water you was sometimes the highlight of my day. I didn't even mind when you would overlook the occasional mouse because you were full. We understood each other. Not knowing what exactly happened to you will always bother me. I take consolation in the fact that providing you with wet food and milk this past year is proof that I cared. I hope now that you are fine and in a better place. Say hello to Lady, Phalare and Swissy for me. I will see you and the gang at the Bridge.
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phalaris14: How very kind that you rescued this cat and gave her a good life being warm in the hayloft and also fed every day! She would enjoy your daily visits too I’ll bet knowing someone was looking out for her! I’m sorry for your loss. You obviously came to really care about this cat! Hugs to you!!
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