I've been wondering if anyone has experienced odd dreams since losing there pet. I've been waiting to see my baby in my dreams but I seem to dream about horses, a dog I had 20 yrs ago and I've seen puppies. Also at times if I read a post somewhere that has nothing to do with pet loss I keep seeing rainbows attached to the post. Then today an odd thing happened. I received an email from a vet I used to have 13 yrs ago. (I changed vets years ago). The email said Happy Birthday Peanut and had an email Birthday card attached to it to view. Funny thing is today was not my Peanuts birthday and I've never received anything like this from this vet over the past 13 yrs that I had my Peanut. Anyone have any thoughts on these things?
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So sorry for your loss. I have been watching plenty of YouTube videos regarding pet passing since my cat passed. Many of them mention signs pets send from the other side. You may be receiving signs. I don't know if this makes sense to you but you can explore it on Youtube, there are plenty of videos about it.
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YES, unfortunately the odd dreams are normal.  I still experience them along with still expecting her to be in her normal areas of the house,  although she died right in front of me. 
I dreamed before she passed that she would die of a seizure about a month before it happened. I also had a dream last week that she died,  and then was fine.
I'm so sorry for your loss, and just letting you know it's rough.
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