I'm doing yard work. I have no one following me around. No one wanting in the house and then back out on two seconds.
I'm not even stepping in that poop that never got picked up.
Nothing is the same
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William wrote:
I'm doing yard work. I have no one following me around. No one wanting in the house and then back out on two seconds. I'm not even stepping in that poop that never got picked up. Nothing is the same


I understand how you feel and I'm so so sorry. I spend so much time outside of the house now because it feels so strange now to be there without my little old man peeking up from the couch, eyeing me, following me into the kitchen, and whining to go out and do his business. All the little, normal, routine things are gone. Even not needing to rush home to feed him or let him out for a walk is upsetting. I wish I could help, but it's been a month for me and I still feel hollow and sad about losing my boy. I hope we can learn to live a little easier, soon.

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Yes, we are all going through the same thing. The other day I did the same thing. Between appointments I would always come home and let William out. I said oh I have to get home real quick and then I realized there's nothing to come home to. No " job" for me to do for my boy.
This is the strangest feeling I've ever had.
Hopefully as time goes on we will adjust.
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I loved the dog counting the bones. That gave me a chuckle and I needed that right now. 
It's 0300 where I live. I was in bed a rolled over onto Williams blanket. The shape of the blanket looked just like his body and I jumped out of bed in tears. 
I'm now sitting looking at his urn hoping he's looking at me and knowing how much I love him.


Hi Kim,

I am so, so sorry for the loss of of your precious William, I read that he is a long haired Dachshund, when and if you feel up to it, I would love to see a photo of your precious boy.
I also read that you went for a walk in William's favorite park. I have to tell you Kim, that took courage, so much courage, I am so proud of you for being able to take such difficult steps in doing such a thing...as I still haven't been able to go to all the places that me and Bella used to go to.
I can't help but wonder when you rolled over and saw the blanket in the form of William if maybe your precious boy wasn't there laying with you, I still feel Bella's little footprints walking up the bed some nights, I believe they know how to let us know that they are with us still, of course that is when they aren't busy playing and running with all their friends.
Continue to talk to your William, always let him know the love you have for him is still strong.....even stronger....isn't it so beautiful how our love for our precious babies grows even stronger.....absolutely beautiful.
Sending my warmest wishes for your heart to find the peace and healing it desires and so deserves. May the love that your William still surrounds you with be felt so deeply in your heart.

In Friendship, Don

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That is one of my favorite quotes. It has always been significant to me. It means more to me now than ever.
Thank you for your words. I do believe that William was there on that blanket. I think that's why I jumped out of bed. I had a friend tell me to put the blanket away. I said that blanket smells like William and it will always be on my bed.
I needed to take that walk in the park. Something was calling me there. Something gave me the strength to revisit those happy days.

I wish I could get a picture to download but I can't seem to do it on my phone.

Don, thank you. I think some days you just need someone to talk about your baby. Today was a good day to read William's name.
❤️ Kim
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That's how I feel....nothing is the same. Last week, he was helping me plant flowers out back and now I can't pass that threshold into the backyard. 
And I too find myself thinking, oh I need to go take him out, it's been awhile, I'm sure he needs to go and then I stop dead in my tracks and reality crashes in. 
Like you said, it is the strangest feeling. It's just not the same....and I feel so lost. My world revolved around him so long trying to keep him comfortable and here with me. We were happy together. 
It seems odd to say, and maybe its the wrong wording or way to say it but it seems comforting to read that others are going through the same things. At least to me. I feel like someone else in this world gets the way my heart feels right now and it is consoling. To know someone understands truly.
I know your sweet William and my dear Nunu are bounding through the meadows of Heaven with sheer joy and they are at peace. 
I pray for peace in your heart and comfort in the loss of your sweet William. 
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I can relate nunusmom I can't do much of anything either sitting on my deck is hard sitting anywhere in my house is difficult it's all around quite lonely my world also evolved around Ozzie I know that feeling oh so well I know in time we will both get through it and it may become easier to do the things we used to do and enjoy for now it's too painful still I get the way your heart feels nunusmom I get it i hope soon we can come to peace within ourselves and enjoy life as Ozzie and nunu would want us too for now we can take comfort in knowing we are not alone on this journey
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