I lost my amazing cat Josie after 18yrs together on March 4th. It was only her and I for those 18yrs. Every time I feel like I’m coming out of this sadness, emptiness, WHAM, I have a day like today. My friend is getting a kitten for her kids and while I’m so happy and excited for them, all I have done all day is cry over my loss. I don’t want her to think she has made me upset but I can’t stop crying. I just miss Josie so much and there actually feels like there’s a hole in my heart some days. 
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm in deep myself my baby girl Pixie passed away on March 16, I haven't stopped crying since then..I know is going to be hard for us ,since we're going to miss our fur babies.. we just need to let all out . Pray and have faith. we find comfort in our sweet memories with our beloved babies.. best wishes 🌈🐕🐈
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Mar and josie...I grieve with you.  LaGata would have been 16 last month, I didn't even realize she was sick.  She ran to be with me in her last moments.  Her loving eyes staring at me, her soft coat under my hand.  That memory alone hurts so much, I want to die.
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