I just gotten over the loss of my dog toby. Then I realized I don't have as many pictures as I should of him.  I have one good picture and 11 crappy ones. I had my smartphone for 2 years. I hardly ever thought to whip out my phone and start snapping pictures. I was never a photographer or a picture taking type of guy. But in this day and age there is no excuse with almost all of us having these smartphones, its so easy, I don't know where my head was.  When he was sick the first time and then got better I had in the back of my head that he wasn't going to be around some day and that I should take more pictures of him. That thought some how got lost between my brain and my front pocket where my iPhone was. That and I kept waiting for that perfect candid shot when I should have been snapping at will.  I suppose I have all my memories of him, I just hope I don't lose them as my memory fades as I get older.  I could have taken pictures during our walks various points during the route. Or of him in my chair or how he got snow on the tip of his nose outside. Him greeting me when I got home from work or when he took a sunbath in the living room. I'm having this brainstorm of bright ideas now that it is too late.  I guess I learned something from this and I'll be better about it with the next dog but I wish I did a better job of insuring that I'll remember this guy.  I bet most of the people here are very good about taking pictures of their pets. But are there any of you out there that dropped the ball like I did? thanks for reading.
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You did not drop the ball. We all wish that we would have taken more pictures of our babies when we had them ,but sometimes we live in the moment never thinking they will leave us so soon.

You will always have you memories and the pics that you do have, perhaps you could make a memory book or a collage.

I have found that working with my pics and making a photograph book helps. The pics don't have to be perfect, they are pics of you baby and they show your love for him and his love for you.

Don't beat yourself up. He knew you loved him and you always will.

God Bless, linda
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What a coincidence that you posted this. I spent all last evening on my computer trying to use PhotoShop to get a few photos of my dog, Oreo. I am guilty of neglecting to take the pictures that I should have taken. Now I am left with only a couple of photos that are slightly blurry or too far away.
So you are not the only one. I used to be an avid photographer many years ago, long before we adopted our dog , but lost interest in photography.

I have asked the family who had him before our adoption if they have any photos and have received a few of his puppy days. So perhaps there is someone in your circle who may have taken a pic or two???

I regret not having taken more but just have to accept it and use what I have.
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I have been going thru the same thing! A while back I thought I should start taking more pictures of Tootsie, but I didn't. I have some from Christmas that I haven't had printed yet.  I knew I should have, but now it's too late.  My daughter has some of when she was a pup. It seems after a year or 2 we didn't take alot of her. I was thinking today that I need to go thru some old pictures to see if I can find any more of her. Maybe when the pain eases some (whenever that will be). Today is 5 weeks since she left us. Glad to know I'm not alone in this!
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I also regret not taking enough pictures. You'd think that in 15 years I would have more than 20. In truth, I seldom took pictures of anyone or anything. I did learn my lesson, the girls just turned four and I have over a thousand pictures of them. Just wish I had more of Jamie.

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