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I am so so very sorry for ur enormous loss ((HUGS)) I know ur heart is so broken and I am praying for u...Please don't blame urself - I know its so hard, I struggle with that still after 44 weeks without my Wiley - the "what-ifs" and "coulda/shoulda".
Sounds like Chloe and Tammy had a pretty amazing life filled with love that all animals should know before they cross The Bridge.

You're a good mom ((HUGS))

Being without u takes a lot of getting used to... I learn to live with it...but I don't want to

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TimTam, I hope you are doing better, although, you most probably aren't. Chloe and Tammy are now together ~ no comfort to you yet, I know ~ but I really hope you are managing and doing better than you expected.
Patches mum
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