Today is 3 weeks since I put my Best Dog Ever to sleep because of cardiomypathy. I have been grieving furiously since and am fighting an impending depression episode. My energy levels are at a minimum doing what I can to keep my remaining pets loved and cared for.

Next in command after Hailey's passing is Isabelle, my 7 year old greyhound. She has started limping in the last week on her right shoulder. I am very aware of what the likely diagnosis is...osteosarcoma. I am freaking out. I cannot lose another hound. My heart cannot take it!

I know I am jumping the gun, we still need to go to our appointment and get xrays. But I am a nurse and need to know as much as possible before I get to the vet's or I feel out of control about what decisions to make (I trust my vet to do the right thing medically and ethically but not neccessarily in my best financial interest). My research is not reassuring. I googled "osteosarcoma and greyhounds" and the first result is a letter from the President of the National Greyhound Adoption program. He describes Izzy to a - 7 year old or older, limping sporadicatally, get better, limp again. He talks about euthanizing before it becomes too painful. The next site I went to goes over statistics, from England but close enough. Osteosarcoma accounts for 22% of all deaths in greyhounds.

We are going to the vet friday. Back to the place where I started to lose my Happy Healthy Hailey. I haven't been back yet and am dreading this trip. If Izzy has cancer now, I am not sure what I will do.

Thanks for listening. My husband is telling me not to get ahead of myself and I know I shouldn't but I have such a bad feeling about this.



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I am keeping you in my thoughts and hoping beyond hope that it will turn out to be a surprise sprain or strain, or even a stress reaction to her losing her friend. 

Fingers and toes crossed and all my most positive thoughts are heading your way.

--Gwen (Suzibird's mama)
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Jeanine - I agree with your husband, you are jumping the gun. But I also agree with you. Sometimes us mama's just know these things.

Myself, being intuitive like that, and just know things that I shouldn't know - understand how you feel and understand how our other loved ones don't understand how we know, and think we are just wigging out for nothing.

Anyway, I have heard lots of stories about how people have lost their mom, their dad, their dog, their husband, etc...and then a short period of time goes by and they lose someone else.

And I wonder how they could deal with such a double or triple wammy.

But for now, just breathe, tell your heart to be still, go to the vet, get the results, then freak out if you need to.
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JDavis, hang in there. I think we sometimes feel the need to try and prepare ourselves for disasters, but try not to jump ahead and enjoy the time you have now. Keep us posted we're all routing for you.
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Izzy is fine! Probably muscular because her xrays showed beautiful bones and very little arthritis.

I came home and bawled over Hailey's ashes. I think I was using Izzy's health issues as a distraction. My heart is so empty tonight and I can't stop crying. I miss my Hailey so much.

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I am so glad you did not have to face another painful, wrenching loss.  I think Hailey is very much with you,  and saying, "Mom,  I need you to take care of Izzy." ;)
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