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I really never considered myself religious either.  Yes, I always believed in Heaven, not hell, and that we are God's children and everything alive is energy and part of a bigger picture that we do not know.  When my parents passed I figured I'd see them again one day, but they did not affect me like my beautiful Lhasa Dali.  Since she left 3 weeks ago, I have a whole different outlook on life, death, and what is to come.  There have been too many things happen.  I know she sent the rainbow that appeared over my house the next day when I was unconsolable and it let me to Rainbows Bridge.  That was Dali.  And then the book "the boy back from heaven".  I would never have read it, but it is a true story and very inspirational.  How does a 4 year old die and come back to life and say the things he did?  And recognize his angel in pictures he had never seen?  Yes, there is much more afterlife and I have no doubt now.  I have no fear, I know I will be okay and see my angel again.  Last week there were tornadoes in our town.  I was at the store and we were all herded into a safe place.  People were scared, crying and upset.  I had a strange calm over me.  I knew I would be okay one way or the other.  And then last night when I dreamed of my baby and the morning I found a dog toy lying in her spot.  There is just too much happened.  Now I believe we are all part of true love, EVERYTHING alive..and when we pass it all comes together.  Thank you my angel Dali for showing me this.  My life has changed dramatically and I will never be the same person I was before.  THINGS mean nothing, LIFE means everything.

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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