I lost (literally) my beautiful 9 yr old Shih Tzu, Shifu, last Wednesday night, snatched from my backyard by something. I can’t stop crying and the mental anguish of knowing he suffered is too much to bear. I stare out into the woods that are beyond our backyard morning, noon and night just wishing and praying that he”ll come bouncing out, but I know in my heart that it’ll never be. He was such a sweetheart and would never hurt a fly. He loved everyone he met and loved nothing more than cuddles and being with me. The void he left behind and the guilt I’m carrying is weighing heavily on my heart. I live in a small town, so very road I drive down is one we walked and I see him everywhere. I’m feeling so helpless, lost and distraught.
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I am so terribly sorry about the way that your beloved Shifu was snatched from you in your backyard and for the intense feelings of loss and grief that you are going through now.  I know how much you want him back, but you also know it isn't likely to  happen.  No matter how we lose our precious babies, everyone here is grieving for them--whether they died naturally after a long illness, had to be "put to sleep" to relieve suffering, were lost in a  tragic accident, were killed by the incompetence of a vet--there are many ways that it happens but the result is the same.  We go through intense grief and anguish because we loved them so much and their absence leaves us empty and lost.  Sometimes we are blessed to have had them for a long natural life; for others, life is ended way too early.  But the grief is still there.

Don't let anyone minimize your loss or tell you that you should get over it.  Stay with us here where everyone will understand your feelings because everyone here valued and loved a precious baby.  Continue to write whenever you wish and bring all of your feelings and concerns here where there are people who will understand.
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Not having a body has made this process difficult for me too. I also keep looking out the window, looking outside, leaving her window open I just in case . Knowing deep well its6in vain bcs she's gone. I understand how you feel. As hard and terrible as it is we must slowly come to terms with this new reality. My heart goes out to you 💛
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