I have no choice but to try and think of all the good things Toby and I are and were....not just us together but him as his own as well . I have nothing left inside my soul that can further take the absolute grief excruciating pain of losing my baby dog. The reality of the accident is the very end part only not the love and life we had together. I will continue to fall apart physically and mentally as I age anyway ...it will be worse if I continue to let the pain consume me more then it already has...and does.
Toby and I never actually spoke a word together ...we just knew by a special bond . That unexplainable communication. I don’t get that from humans or the rest of the world. Now that little tail (Toby) has passed I have no choice but to honor him . I have been hurt like I never could expect. As bad if not worse than my human family losses.
I know Toby would not want me to be in more pain than I have already have and will probably have to face until I pass. Until then as long as I’m able I will keep Toby’s love for the two of us. I know
someday we will be alike . That will be better than the pain of missing him and all losses. My love for him is here. This is good. I have no choice.
Toby’s Dad
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