Greetings friends,
I recently lost a wonderful friends named Niko "bubby."  He was a pure bread Bombay cat, stunningly beautiful, extremely intelligent, loyal like a dog and an absolute shoulder fungus. Starting when he was only a few weeks old when I adopted him he would ride around on my shoulders and climb me. He still did that all of the way up to the divorce that separated us! My wife kept him and I got my Dog Frannie.  I miss Niko horribly. I recently got horrible news that he had to be put down due to major cancer. I am extremely upset with the manner of his being put to sleep. My wife just left him at the vet.  I would have held him and comforted him during the whole process so tat he wouldn't be afraid. He was always terrified of vets even with me around. The unneeded suffering that is received hurts me deeply.  Anyways, I just want to let everyone here know that I believe that pet loss is a very real problem for people. There are insensitive people who act like it is a minor life event and people should simply "move on" but I found this news as upsetting as losing a human friend so to all of my fellow mourners please know I support you, I love you, and you are in my prayers.
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I am so sorry for how you learned of this and so sorry for your loss. I understand how profound,the pain can be and I also have a hard time understanding how some people just do not have the same experience.
If love alone could have kept your here, you would have been here forever.
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