I was here last year, posting about the loss of my 14 year old black lab Zoey, who passed away from old age.

On my wedding anniversary, Wed, Aug 16 this year, my husband and I said goodbye to our 6 year old silky terrier Nikki, whom we adored and loved. She had bladder stone removal on Wednesday last week then never fully recovered. It appeared she had congenital shunt issues in her liver that caused hepatic encephalopathy.  We fought hard for her but at the end when I held her limp body I knew I was sustaining her with machines, that it was time to let go.

Although Nikki was my shadow, my husband is taking this harder than me.  Was I more prepared because I learned of deep loss from Zoey?  It has only been 2 days but I feel like that I am in denial of her loss.  

My only consolation is now she crossed the Rainbow Bridge with her Big Sister, whom she adored very much.
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Camiz I am so sorry for the loss of your Nikki. And being only 6 years old, that seems too young....and to add to that of losing your sweet Zoey last year it is alot to take in.

This is a long, hard road called grieving, and yes you will go thru so many tears, I am sure you know since losing your Zoey last year of all the feelings that will come and go thru this hard process.

Yes, the only consoloation is she is with her big sister now........they are on a new journey, and adventurous one, together your guardian angels..............and you will meet again.

I am so sorry again for your sweet Nikki and Zoey too!


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Thank you. I don't know how vets can make a decision to put in a 7-10 day antibiotic in for the owner's convenience without consulting you. Who are they to say what inconveniences ME? If I take in 1 dose and get allergic to a medication, I stop it. Nikki didn't get the chance, whatever medication she had in her system, her liver didn't get to process and all the toxins over the next 7 days continued to go up the brain. It was bad enough her body had to deal with the medicine they gave her for the surgery but to deal with the post surgery antibiotics that was insidiously- as the emergency room doctors told us - they couldn't do anything to remove.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
My Zoey passed on at 12 1/2 years old on the 21st of August last year.
I am still so devastated.
Why do our little loved ones live such short lives i have been asking.
I'd give my soul to god to have just one more day with my girl, so i know how you feel.
Zoey was like a child to me and my wife is afraid to ever get another little one as she has seen me deteriorate over this last year.
The vet that watched over my Zoey at the end truly wanted to revive her, but told me she would never be the same. The most heart breaking thing for me to say was to let her go.
I can think of nothing but Zoey each and every day, so i know how you feel right now.
My prayers are with you, but in all honesty, losing our fur child is not the same as losing a hurts so much as they love us unconditionally
Zoey you will always be in Daddies heart
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Today is harder than ever. I didn't realize how central Nikki was to our lives (and we have 3 dogs/cats). She definitely was the heart, the leader and everybody is moping around. What's heartbreaking is Lilli finding a new spot under the couch facing the door as if any minute now her sister would
come bounce in. Lilli who loved the backyard because potty time wasn't just in and out for them it was hours of chasing each other up the hill, barking at the wind Now she does not even want to go out and have to be coaxed

Wednesday was tough, I picked up her remains. Her little cedar box is much much smaller than her big sister's, their paw prints forever engraved in my heart.
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I am sorry it sound so hard for all. I guess it is normal to throw anger toward the vet and their decisions. I am doing the same about my dog being put down 4 weeks ago. 

I am sorry she didn't get better! It's very hard. 
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