On February 5 I had my 13 year old long haired chihuahua dachshund put to sleep she had a Mast Cell Tumor in her belly, she hung in there for 10 months. She began failing the tumor was blocking her colon, and her GI Track had shut down. She depart for the bridge peacefully. My hear is shattered. I miss her very much she gave me 13 best years.
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I am sorry about your loss and feel your pain.

On February 5 our cattle dog mix of nearly 17 years old and to be put to sleep when he lost the use of his back legs and bladder. He hung in there through dementia and when his legs gave out and he could no longer walk, stand up, or relieve himself.

I cannot stop crying. The pain is so great. When will I start to heal?
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My heart goes out to you

February 5 was the day my life changed forever, my dachshund was healthy and that morning rushed to vet to be told he's bleeding internally and wouldn't make it through the day. We had Scooter put to sleep because the vet said taking him home to die would be too painful

P Kindree I can't stop crying either.

Hugs to both of you

Scooter I miss you desperately!!
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