Dear Mia:

When the sun rises and sets
We remember you and the joy you gave us
When the cold winter winds blow
We remember you enchanted by the snowflakes
When spring brings new life 
We remember you chattering at the birds
When summer's sun blazes
We remember you sleepy and toasty in your window bed
When the autumn leaves fall
We remember you watching them from our bed
At the end of, the beginning of, and all thru the year
We remember you
For as long as we live, you shall too
For you are forever a part of us
Because love and memories
Are the two most powerful forces in our universe
And we will love and remember you forever. 
Mummy and Shadow

Miss Mia Mimms
March 9, 2003 - September 9, 2016
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Dear Cynthia, This is just beautiful. The poem and picture below took my breath away. I'm sorry for your great loss! Hugs to you,
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