Hi everyone!  I am glad I was able to find this site.  On Saturday evening, July 6th, I lost my cat of 15 years, Salem.  I am completely devastated although she had been ill with renal failure for some time.  I cried for the better part of Saturday night and all day Sunday and am having a difficult time with guilt and loneliness.  I keep expecting to see her peeking around the corner or looking up at me while I am on the computer.  I did go to work today and it was difficult but I made it through.  Coming home after work to an empty house has been absolutely heartbreaking.  I am hoping to find some like souls here in the forum for support as I work through my grief.  Thanks all and I hope to hear from you.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of Salem, Snowy. I lost my boy of 16 yrs, on May 13th, so I can relate to everything. I'm further along than you are and although the grief changes a little it seems to be something we just have to adapt living with.  I'm not crying every hour every day anymore, but my life will never be the same either. I'm still trying to cope without my boy. Sorry, I'm having a bad day today, but just wanted to tell you you are not alone. Some here are dealing better than others. I guess I'm one whose not dealing quite so well, but I'm still trying. I think time is the only thing that might help, at least I haven't found out what other secrets there are. Hang in there, your not alone.
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Thank you Petey.  I am sorry for your loss as well.  This has been a very difficult time and I have resigned myself to knowing that I will cry everyday for while....and I'm ok with that.  Several people at work have been very supportive and I am grateful for that as well.  I buried Salem in my back yard in a sunny spot and I look at her grave daily and it does give me some comfort....but the emptiness in my home and heart is ever-present. The road to healing is going to be very long.

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I am so sorry for your loss Snowy. This forum has been a real saviour for me. It's taught me that I'm not alone and how I am feeling is perfectly normal. It's almost 8 weeks since I lost my boy. Some days are better than others but there's only been 8 days that I haven't cried. The real raw pain and constant crying has gone though. I wish there was a magic answer but I think we just have to give ourselves the time we need to grieve. As Petey says, everyone is different and you'll find lots of support here.

Sorry again about your lovely Salem.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your Salem.  I can certainly relate,  as I had my best friend put to sleep tonight -  my beautiful 11 year old dog who had cancer.  I am crying as you are.  Know you are not alone.  I know just what you mean about expecting to see your baby's face peeking out at you ----and then realizing there is only emptiness.  I feel right now as if my tears might cause a river to float me away. Again,  I understand your pain over Salem. From,  a partner in suffering :(
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Snowy, I am glad that you found the site also. Like you, my house is very empty now. Moufle was my only companion and I lost her May 13th after 19 years together. Even sitting here at the computer I cry because she is not jumping into my lap to push her head against my hands for pets. It is very lonely.

I was able to take 2 days off work but had to go back after that. It is difficult to be sure. I do not have support at work, I just took breaks and went for walks outside. The first few weeks were tough.

I still cry just about every day. Some small thing will remind me. I have good days and bad, that is part of the process I think.

I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved Salem. Please know that you are not alone. Others here share your pain.

“If there ever comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever”
~Winnie the Pooh
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I am so sorry for your loss, I know how you feel had my beloved 16year old dog Indi put to sleep 6 weeks ago, I lost my mother 3years ago and to me the pain was the same, just let yourself grieve. The pain will go away but you will never stop missing the them
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