My dog and best friend died almost 5 weeks ago. I still miss her and think of her everyday. I had not planned on getting another one this soon. We had talked the end of last year about getting another dog since Ellie was older and I thought it would be a good thing to have two for a while and also i know the younger dogs help the older ones. With everything going on we never did and even though she was 13 I foolishly thought we still have time. Then when she slowed down in the last 6 weeks we just devoted all are attention to her and did not think that was the time to bring another dog. 
She died in her sleep I posted about it and found a great deal of support her. When she died I called my local Humane society to ask about donating some of her food and grief resources. They said when I was ready they have lots of dogs available. I said we need another smaller one, The small dogs seem to be rarer in fosters and shelters, but she said they do get. 
Anyway my daughter is 8 and she had been waking up crying missing Ellie, she kept saying Ellie was going to send us a puppy. then i get a call from the Humane Society about a dog they got from Puerto Rico named Thor. He is 9 months old an 12 pounds apparently he is a chihuahua/ Italian greyhound mix. She said i wanted to we could meet him no obligation. I was hesitant a week before i had gone to the foster home where we got Ellie over 12 years ago and could not even pet any of the dogs there. 
So me my wife one of my sons and I went to meet Thor. They fell in love instantly, my daughter insists Ellie sent him to us. I was able to pet him and interact with him, which i had not even been able to look at other dogs before. We ended up adopting him and bought him home 2 days later.
He is still a puppy and has a lot of energy, definitely different from an elderly dog. He is friendly, playful and loving. He has had very few accidents and goes out side.
My wife and kids love him and he seems bonded to us already. When i compare him to Ellie I am disappointed and feel guilty, but when I look at him as his own dog I do like him and see he is a good dog.
I had planned on another female similar to Ellie, but even his name Thor (we kept it, suits him and he answers to it) is different i think that is a good thing. I am a mix of emotions, I feel disloyal to Ellie in a sense and a little guilty, I wish she was still her and i think they would have gotten along. I wish i could be like my daughter convinced Ellie sent him to us. When we brought him home she showed him the urn with Ellie's ashes to introduce them and he did like this thing where he bowed his head, that was her confirmation.
Is what I am feeling normal? I am I being disloyal to Ellie, I still miss her and feel a loss. I do like him and think he will be a good companion. I feel all mixed up.
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I am going through a very similar situation right now.  We lost our love, Quincy, in March and adopted our new guy, Frankie almost 4 weeks ago now and I have been on a roller coaster of emotions. This is a link to the thread that I had started and other peoples responses may help you a bit as well:

At this point, our new guy is so different from Quincy and I think that is a good thing but at the same time, Quincy was so easy right from the beginning and Frankie is proving to be a challenge. Frankie has seen me cry a lot and I tell him about Quincy all the time. It's still hard for me to believe that Quincy is really gone, but I also believe that Frankie deserves love and he was abandoned by his previous owner to a high kill shelter. I also like the thought that maybe Quincy had a hand in bringing Frankie to us.

I also have to accept that my relationship with Frankie is going to be different than my relationship with Quincy and that's ok...Frankie seems very happy to be here and he can be very entertaining when he's not being challenging :)

Take care. Believe me, I know the guilt of having a new dog in the home and how sad and weird that feels...I'm still struggling with it.
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Thank you so much for the response it helps to know I am not alone and others have the same feelings.
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