Hello! We have an orange tabby that does better with a friend. Adopted him from the shelter, and his best pal from the same shelter a week later. We have had them one year. This past week his friend (and my soul mate kitty) passed away unexpectedly. Both are (and were) 3 years old. We adopted a 6 month old kitten for a new friend for him a couple days later. He seems to have accepted him. They sleep together, he grooms the kitten. However, he has begun to meow a lot, and when the kitten plays he will sit and meow at him. Sometimes it is cute trills and sometimes it sounds like he is telling him off. Should we be concerned? I know it was soon. We are new to this. We cannot be home 24/7 (though I am home almost that amount). Attached are photos of him with the new kitten.
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Hi Amy. Those kitties look so comfy and sweet together❣️I didn’t want to pop right in because I’m not a cat expert and I didn’t want to stear you wrong.
First thing I’d want to make sure the 3 year old is okay physically. With boys I always worry about the urinary tract when I hear consistent meowing. If you know that’s not an issue I’d say the age difference and how much a 6 month old kitten still wants to play is both amusing and irritating to your older boy. Sometimes he’s into it and other times he’s telling him to back off. Not much difference than us right?😁 They can be tiring to say the least! Your 3 yr old needs to be the boss and I think he’s telling jr just that. If Jr doesn’t want to respect that than you may have to help out by distracting him. Divert his play to you or a toy. Separate them for a little break and if you have a rowdy teenager and he doesn’t want to calm down tell him ‘NO’ and give him a squirt of water with a squirt bottle. He’ll learn what ‘NO’ means and they remember the sound the bottle makes right before the water lands.
I want to add you did a wonderful thing by adopting these babies and in adopting another for companionship for the first boy❣️,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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