I just lost my 16 yr old dashound on Thursday while i was on vacation. When i left she was fine, she wass eating, going outside being her usual self. My daughter called and told me pyra wouldn't come out of the bedroom and wasn't to intrested in eating, i didnt think much of it because sometimes she does that. I told her to just watch her. She called me thur morning and said pyra pased away in her sleep. Our other dashound oscar was laying with her so at least she wasnt totally alone.. i feel so horrible , i didnt get to say goodbye and I'm so worried she thought i abandoned her.
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Aww, she knew you loved her. It probably wasn't the first time you were away from her, surely you must have worked and gone shopping, etc., so she knew she was not being abandoned. You daughter was there so she knew she was not left alone.

I had a Dachshund who lived until 16. He started getting sick with diabetes, bladder stones, he was having seizures, then his back legs gave out. I knew I couldn't let him live like that. I had to let him go and it was for him, so he could be at peace. I was glad I had him until 16. I didn't stay in the room when my Dachshund was euthanized, so I didn't get to say goodbye at that time. It was too hard for me to witness. I knew my dog knew I loved him.

Although you missed saying goodbye, she passed in her sleep which was peaceful and not tragic. If you were home, she may have passed in her sleep while you were sleeping, too,  I'm sure Pyra loved you very much and knows you loved her. It's been said that dogs have no sense of time and think things just happened. Maybe she didn't even realize how long you were gone. 

I'm sorry for your loss.  You must have wonderful memories to cherish.  Oscar will need you.  He will be grieving in his own way, too.  He'll need a lot of attention.

The people on this forum will help you get by and give you positive thoughts. Keep stopping by. We all care.

~ Parker's Mom

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