Hi everyone, we lost our girl, Roxy, last Sunday morning and are all heartbroken and devastated. But the hardest thing for me to get through right now is the extreme anger towards the emergency veterinarian that was ‘treating’ her that night. We brought her back to the clinic twice during the night extremely concerned about her condition, but were told she was improving and were sent home. She died a few hours later in her sleep. I can’t stop thinking if more could have been done to save her and that I need to take action against this clinic and vet. It won’t bring Roxy back, but maybe it will protect others from this negligence. This emergency clinic was also treating Roxy for her chronic conditions. This vet had a 2” thick file of information on our dog (which we by the way spent thousands and thousands for dollars for over the past 2 years). There were many risks associated with her conditions that could have caused her to deteriorate and nothing was done for her! The exam was noted “unremarkable”. We are still waiting for final autopsy reports. This is insanely difficult.
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Dear Ana,

It may not help comfort you during these very difficult & dark times, but please know that you are not alone and what you experienced has happened to other members here. Me being one of them.

I brought my boy (a cat named "Marmalade") to 5 Vet's (2 of those being supposed "Animal Hospitals") and ALL failed him. They did not diagnosis him correctly, or they misdiagnosed him. I took him to 4 Vet's within a 5 mile radius of where we lived. I also spent thousands of dollars. My cat went to the Vet's 13 times in 90 days. I didn't just obtain a 2nd opinion, I obtained a 3rd and 4th opinion. I kept searching for Vet alternatives but most had terrible reviews on-line.

I'm not saying ALL Vet's are as incompetent, unprofessional, uneducated, unfocused, unethical and negligent, but I am going to go on the record and say that MOST are. They are like lawyers - Veterinary Medicine is a "racket." Vet's routinely feed off of pet parents fear of their beloved being in pain & suffering, and of their own potential for grief & sorrow (and guilt & regret) if their pet doesn't survive. Vet's endeavor to cash-out at the end of a pet's life.

In your case it was just blatant negligence. The truth is quite often Vet's "wing-it." The sad fact is so, so many things can go wrong with a dog or cat's health at any given time, and at times, as some Vet's have stated: "You treat one thing, it triggers another." 

The bad thing is yes, complaints against a Vet and/or an Animal Hospital can be filed, but they don't accomplish much. Yes, you can litigate against the Vet and win in court, but usually the amount a pet parent can receive in court is limited to only the exact replacement value of the pet in cash. Pet's are considered "a piece of property." "An asset." Leaving the Vet negative reviews on Yelp & Google (and wherever else one can) does damage their business. And Vet's and Animal Hospital's are very fearful of negative reviews.

Marmalade was administered 10 medications in his final 2 weeks alone. He was becoming a shadow of his former self. A once, noble, brave, dignified and true Alpha-Male Tom-Cat. He had been the King of a colony of stray and feral cats when our paths crossed over 850 miles away in the high desert country of New Mexico. I could no longer allow him to continue to deteriorate and had to put him to sleep. Which shattered my entire existence. 

I'm sorry that you experienced what you did and for what your beloved pup went through. You should have been able to 100% trust in your Vet to make the right call, at the right time, and insure that your beloved was safe and did not in fact need to be admitted to the hospital. What occured wasn't your fault. You are not a Vet. You did not study for to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. You trusted in professionals and you expected them to do their jobs.

Kind regards,
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Thank you so much for the response. It’s really awful and devastating what happened to your boy. It’s unbelievable with so many vets and so many opinions, they couldn’t determine a proper diagnosis. So scary we cannot trust the professionals with the lives of our pets. I honestly don’t care about winning or money or a settlement, I just want to ensure another pet does not lose its life due to her negligence or lack of experience/ knowledge. Once I get through the terrible early stages, I will definitely file a complaint, write some reviews and share my story. Thanks again for your kind words.
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Dear Ana,

I can't say it better than James did.  I just wonder about these "emergency" vets and think the worst, that yes, it's just a racket.  My darling Mia passed on July 2 and James commented on my post as well (Thank you James).  My beloved little one had a pathological break in her leg due to cancer in her bones and I rushed her to the nearest emergency vet.  She was 18 and also had diabetes.  I was distraught and just like James said, I think they just take advantage of a horrible and emotional situation.  She tested her legs and put a big splint on her and told me that they could perform surgery and put a pin in her leg and if there was too much cancer, they could amputate.  If my regular vet didn't want to perform the surgery they would.  The emergency vet told me "all is normal, we gave her pain meds and she could eat.... all like normal."  Normal?  She was wasting away from the diabetes which was under control by her regular vet.  She had a huge splint on her leg and in that last horrible night, I was alone with her, and she was howling in pain and trying to walk.  She urinated on herself and I cleaned her which holding her.  I can't relate any more of the details because now I'm crying....  $718 the visit to them cost.  Now, my vet had suspected she had cancer in February....

Ok, but normal?  My beautiful love couldn't walk and kept screaming in pain.  She passed away early in the morning.  When I brought her body to my vet in the morning, she said, "amputate?  What?  on an 18 year old diabetic cat?  Absolutely not!  Put a pin in her leg on a diabetic cat?  She would not have recovered!"  Her death has also shattered my existence like James losing his boy and you losing your girl Roxy.

Like James said sometimes I do think they guess also.  But I don't know what to say more other than what James said.  You're not alone.  Oh, they called me the next morning after I had brought her body to my vet.  When I came home, they called and asked how she was doing.  I burst into tears.  They said they were sorry.  Do you think the emergency vet called me?  No, it was the receptionist who was very sympathatic.  

I can empathize.  I'm so so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Roxy.  Do we have a forum on the emergency vets?  Ugh. 

Wishing you peace day by day,

Mia's Mom
Mia’s Mom
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