Had to put down my cat today. She has been with me for around 13 years. The pain Im feeling is so bad I cant sleep properly, I keep overthinking my choices of should I have cremated her instead of burying because the thought of both really bothers me and disturbs me in a way. I couldnt bury her in my garden but had to bury her on property a family member works on but doesnt own. I worry what if her resting place geta botherer when years pass and maybe would have been better to cremate her. These thoughts really trouble my mind and I also overthinking the whole decomposimg processed which disturbs me and makes me question if i did the right choice or if cremating would easy my mind more or if i should get her back again and send to cremate. Plase give me some closure or some words I really need them I cant function well at the moment and hoping these words might ease me on what to do or to handle myself.
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Sorry for the loss of your cat. 13 years is a long time. I've had my cat Sphinx for 14 and tomorrow I have her booked for euthanasia. 

I think that you should do what your instinct tells you. Burials and cremations are more for the living than the dead. I've kept the ashes of my cats with me in an urn, I feel comfort in having them near me at home.

I understand what you mean with thinking about the decomposing or burning, I did that too but I had to shut the thought down, it was unbearable. Just remember that they aren't in the body in anymore but rather in spirit, if that helps. I don't really believe in afterlife, but for the last little while I've had two signs that my oldest cat and soulmate, Beck, has been looking over me during this difficult time. 

I think you know the answer to your question and you should go with what you feel is right and will make you feel better. Take care of yourself. 
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened” ~ Anatole France
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First let me say how sorry I am for your loss. I know it hurts tremendously. 

Your fur baby was more than the body you could hold and caress. That, of course, is what you miss. But she was so much more. She was likely a beautiful spirit, and that soul endures, regardless of where she rests.

Cremation has been my choice for my six beagles, but that is a very personal choice. If you need to feel your companion is safe in her resting place and can’t be comfortable with her current arrangements, you might want to consider cremation. The biggest advantage I have found is having my companions close by (on my office bookshelf). There I have made a memorial for all of them, which gives me a great deal of comfort.

I imagine the thought of moving her might be upsetting, but perhaps you can find someone who can transport her to a crematorium for you. Again, this is a choice only you can make, but know that wherever she rests, she has given you abundant memories to cherish. 

Pat, Quinn’s mom 🌈
You may visit Quinn's memorial at:
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