This is for all the family members, friends and acquantices that can't allow me to talk about my grief or don't even acknowledge my dog Peanut. I don't know how they can consider any furbaby to be just an "animal". My Peanut was always there for me 24/7. In good times and bad times. In sad times and joyful times. More than any people ever have been. When I would talk to my Peanut it was as though I could read her mind what she was saying to me with her eyes. She always loved me and even forgave me if I was having a bad day. I have lost my parents, my brother and my brother in law and the grief I feel is just as deep with losing my baby. So I have to sit here by myself asking God to help me through this grief. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this forum to come too. To know that there are so many others in the same situation with the same feelings. This is the first year I won't be hosting Thanksgiving and I'm glad because I would be canceling it. It will be going on 3 wks since putting my Peanut down and the holidays will just not be the same. I pray everyone has the strength to get through these difficult times.
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  I think all of us have experienced the frustration of not having a continuous support network. I had a lot of support in the beginning of my healing journey but now - some (11) weeks later - I find myself having to deal with all of this on my own. Family, friends, colleagues, etc. don't want to hear it after  a while. Like you, I have found this Forum to be very helpful. I hope you find some peace as we navigate through the Holiday Season. It can't go quick enough for me. 

Jim Miller
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Hi GMR - I understand your frustration also. I agree with Jim that it seems you get understanding in the beginning but the longer it goes even those that were supportive seem to start thinking get over it already towards you, I have lost close relatives also and the grief i still have over my dog Zeke is far worse than any I have ever experienced over a human. With thanksgiving coming up, please be thankful to have had peanut in your life. And know you have another family here at this forum that understand. It has been five months since my loss and I know yours was recent but we are all here going through the holidays together, hopefully you can find some comfort in that And in your sweet memories of peanut - Ted
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