On September 4th my husband and I lost our Aella to heart disease, she was our 4 year old kitty. It was very quick for her - one day she was happy as a clam, the next day she was sick and we were faced with a grim prognosis of maybe a few very uncomfortable weeks for her. For the first three days I could do nothing but cry and wail. Since yesterday I've been feeling a bit better, I truly believe that she is now in a better place with her creator, which is maybe what's causing this. My point is, I'm still feeling very sad, but I don't feel "devastated" anymore.. and that's making me feel guilty. It's making me wonder 'If I'm not a complete mess anymore, did I really have the close relationship with her that I thought I did?'. Maybe this sounds nuts, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this.. guilt over feeling as though you're letting go of that intense pain too soon. Can anyone help me make sense of this?

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My deepest condolences on your loss. Everyone reacts to grief differently so I would be guessing but a couple of things come to mind. Sometimes we go into shock and feel numb so possibly that could account for you're "feeling better". However you also mention that you know Aella is at peace with the creator so you may have made peace with that during the last few days while you were feeling devastated. It is so very unfair to lose your kitty at only 4 years old. I feel quite sure that she felt happy and loved during her short time on this earth and that too can be a comfort to you moving forward. Wishing you peace in the days and weeks ahead. Please take care,
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