Hi, I just lost my dog 2 days ago on my birthday. She was the absolute love of my life and best emotional support dog. I’m having a hard time. Is it normal to feel out of touch with reality and groggy? I feel life is moving around me but I’m simply staying in one spot. I just feel empty without her
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    I want to extend my deepest sympathies over the loss of your beloved dog. You have come to the right place, This Forum is filled with lots of knowledgeable, caring, compassionate pet-loving people who will support you. You were wondering if your feelings of "being out of touch with reality and grogginess" are normal. Yes they are - perfectly normal. Those are (2) of the many different emotions that you will be dealing with as you begin your grieving journey. I can certainly relate. My beautiful Border Collie passed (8) weeks ago and not a day goes by that I don't have overwhelming feelings of sadness, uncertainty about the future, anger, anxiety, guilt,fatigue, etc. I'm sure that you are experiencing many of these same things as well. Your feelings of being out of touch with reality are just one of the steps of grieving known as acceptance. You will, at some point, learn to accept the inevitable and come to terms with this. Once that happens, your unrealistic feelings will, most likely, diminish to a great extent. As far as your grogginess goes. That may be from a lack of sleep. That is something that most of us in this Forum struggle with. I know I do. Hang in there and things will get better, it's just going to take time. Everyone heals at a different pace. Relapsing and falling backwards is part of the battle. There will be hurdles in your healing journey. Just stay the course and post here often so we know how you are doing. You have a lot of support here. 

Sending a hug to you,

Jim Miller
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Yes, what you are experiencing is absolutely normal. Losing a beloved pet is traumatic and you may be experiencing some shock. My deepest condolences on your loss. For this to happen on your birthday is also very hard for you. Jim is right in saying this forum is very helpful to anyone who had suffered a loss like yours.
I hope you continue to post here.
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very very normal.. feeling detached, don't try to force urself to b "normal" there is no normal after losing a dear friend.. allow urself to feel whatever it is u feel and don't judge urself for feeling or not feeling it.. everyone bhas their own way of going through the process.. I lost 3 friends in a lump last year and have not been able to sleep it was not until 2 wks ago that I realized I missed my cats and had not actually allowed myself to grieve.. my heart goes out to u.. feel all the wonderful moments u had and when u r ready the wound will begin to heal
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Sending you my prayers and understanding! My boy passed Oct 28. Life just seems like it will never be the same but I’m finding that helping other dogs and cats in need helps to fill that void and I’m doing it all in honor of my babies that have went on. I encourage you all to help other animals! It’s getting cold outside and there are so many that need you!
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I am sorry for the loss of your fur-baby-girl.  After losing my beloved fur baby.  Eating was so difficult - crackers, Gatorade, Sprite.  As for sleeping, I ended up taking sleeping pills  - not the best solution - but, nothing else was helping me.  The rest of the world "kept" going on, but, I felt like I was living in a parallel universe, filled with pain.  I must confess, waking up and not having my beloved Sol (a male mixed lab) by my side brought back all the emptiness....and the painful reality.

You came to the right place, we all know how you are feeling and you are not alone.
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