I just had to put my beloved cat, Breasel, to sleep. His kidneys failed him. I did everything I could and nursed him and he had the best of doctors. The doctor came to my house Sunday, Feb. 7th, and he put Breasel gently to sleep in my arms.
Breasel was the most loving, affectionate, devoted, and loyal boy. He thought a visiting nurse was hurting me one time, and he went to attack her against his own fears. He never left my side.
 When I cleaned the house and sat a moment, he came running for me to pick him up. He went from 18 pounds to 7 pounds and couldn't eat or drink.
I love him so, and it is more painful then I could have imagined. My family doesn't understand my grief and they think I should just get up and keep going.My son-in-law said to me "Now that the alpha cat is gone, do I want to take his cat". He has a dog and doesn't care much about their cat. I thought that so cruel of him to say.I have 4 other cats I love, but I am still in so much pain losing Breasel.
What can I do? Please help me.
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Breasel sure sounds like he was a great friend and you're 100% correct that your son-in-law was incredibly callous. I wouldn't listen to anybody who says that it's silly to mourn a friend's passing and "you should just get over it". In fact, I'd pity them for their lack of heart and compassion.

I'd remember the good times with Breasel and take comfort in the fact that you will be reunited in Heaven. Maybe after weeks (or months) you could consider taking the son-in-law's cat (I'm sure he'd be much happier with you). I'd also really consider telling the son-in-law what you think about his total lack of tact. Hug your other kitties and keep Breasel in your heart.
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My husband and me recently discovered how devastating it is to lose a four legged friend. I feel and understand your pain. Losing our dog Tunaka was one of the most painful experiences either of us have ever experienced. Don't let anyone tell you how to grieve or make you feel bad for feeling the way you do. At some point, you will be able to step outside of that dreadful memory of seeing your precious one go and be able to focus on the positive memories. Be thankful you had the time you had together.
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Hi Sandra,
wow.. I wonder if your son-in-law has ever lost a pet he was close to before? Usually those who haven't, don't understand. Sorry to hear of his remarks & lack of compassion & understanding. I know that just adds to the pain of your grieving. Coming here is good - there are so many that have commented on my posts & have been so gracious & understanding. DO let yourself grieve & know this - the questions that will come up & maybe some have already, are normal. Read thru the different posts here & you'll find you are not alone, in how you grieve, the questions that come up & so on. Our baby, Rico, also had kidney problems which was diagnosed at the beginning of December. There came a time when he "let me know" he wasn't going to let me treat him anymore, he was just DONE. So I stopped & let nature take its course, fed him the best food I could find AND get him to eat, until that "day" came. I couldn't take seeing him suffer any longer & we took  him to be put to sleep. I hardly cried, until the next day, and days after.. I still do off & on. But I know its normal, just no fun to go through. One thing I did in December was make a calendar of him for this year. Somehow I knew he wouldn't make it for too much longer. I made 3 copies, one for home, one for work & one for where my husband works. Sometimes at work I just sit & stare at it.. or the picture I now have as my desktop pic on my laptop at home, I will literally "pet the screen" & talk to him.. And I've been taking things one day at a time.
Anyway - just know there are a lot of us here that understand, completely.. Breasal was your furbaby, you have the right to mourn him.
(((Hugs to you)))
Please visit Rico's residency:
Also, more pics of Rico can be found on my Facebook page:!/photos.php?id=1291163525
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I sent emails to a lot of people who we have been friends with over the years while i was overseas in the navy, all of them had been touched by our Tig while in japan...all have dogs or cats themeslves and responded with quite touching emails of sheri said, non pet owners just do not understand

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