Has anyone else researched NDE's and read that people see their beloved pets waiting there to greet them? I've read several articles on the web and it doesn't matter what religion people are who have a near death experience - people of all beliefs have them. This is the only thing that keeps me going, is knowing that my sweet Barley will be waiting for me when it is my time.
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I've read many stories posted on line regarding NDE's. It may have actually been on this forum. One story told how a senior Father was passing away in bed at his home at the end of his life, surrounded by family members. One moment before his death, he mentioned the name of the family dog, which he had not seen in many years. As if the dog was approaching him. The family was shocked.

I have personally witnessed paranormal activity (with a witness) that would put someone into a mental hospital. 

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

I was an atheist or agnostic for almost 50 years. My Cat Marmalade brought me back to God & faith. As I witnessed Marmalade's life saved many times directly in front of my eyes. In the end, I suppose God wanted him back.

I used to pray every night to God: "Thank you God, for the time you have allotted Marmalade & I and thank you for crossing our paths when you did."

I am not sure if there is an afterlife, but there are signs. And there are miracles. Our undying, deep love for our lost ones being miraculous.
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It is the death of my father that is described in the previous post.  The fact that "Moxie" was my dad's last word as he was dying when we hadn't talked about Moxie in years suggests that  he must have been seeing our childhood dog who died many years before.  My Dad was the first person in the immediate family to die and Moxie must have been waiting for someone in the family to meet him.  I don't understand how all of this works but it increases my belief that there is a Rainbow Bridge.
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Hi!  I have not researched anything on the topic.  But like you said  dlarsen66 -  I have to believe Im going to see my beloved Thatcher again.  That too keeps me going.  Before my dog passed on to the Rainbow Bridge I never even thought about it.  Now this is all I think about.  My heart is heavy.  I can't wait to see him again.  Im sure he will be waiting for me so he can take me for a walk  lol  That is what my husband use to tell me all the time when I took Thatcher out. He was a good boy on the leash but always let me know which way he wanted to walk.  He was so funny, I miss him terribly  as everyone here misses there beloved pet.
Sending hugs to all
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Dear Patsy!

THANK YOU! I wasn't sure who had posted that story. Thank you for clarifying. I have edited my post some to get it closer to what you described. Much appreciate your sharing and for your active participation in this forum and always being so supportive to everyone here.

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