We unfortunately lost our beautiful English bulldog, Miss Piggy 2 days ago. She was my world, I got her when I first got clean 9 years ago. I’m not sure I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for her, someone to take care of and love, someone who was always there for me with her tail (or nub as we call it) wagging, so happy to see me. She went through so much since March, starting with an ACL surgery and things just went down hill from there. She wasn’t recovering well and went into two heat cycles back to back. We found out she had Pyometra on Friday and needed ER surgery the next day, she aspirated surging surgery and needed to go to the ER vet because she was critical, we got a call then ect morning that she was better but panting heavily. The vet wanted to see how she would respond to being with us so we came down and sat in a room with her, she tried sleeping and the vet said it was the best he saw her and felt like she was too anxious there and needed to be home. We only had her home for a few hours, watching her very carefully when she just looked at me, her eyes rolled and she went limp. By the time we got to the car she was gone. She was my world and my house is not a home with out her. I’m struggling to get through these emotions. Thinking that I should have kept her in the ER and then maybe she could have been saved. We have another dog now and while I love him deeply, I had a very special bond with my girl. I just hope she knows how loved she was , she wasn’t able to get on the bed with me at night and that was hard for me and her, because we were trying our best to make sure she was recovering from the sACL surgery and now all I wish I could do is snuggle with her in bed.
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Dear Ashley,

I am very sorry to learn of your loss of your beloved "Miss Piggy." She certainly was an adorable pup and you can easily see in your words how much you completely loved, adored and cherished her. And I am positive she knew that for the 9 years that she was a part of your family. I am glad that your paths crossed when they did all those years ago.

I am going to share a few things I have learned since visiting this forum, another grief forum over on Reddit, on blogs, in posts and comments, that I hope will give you some comfort:

1.) An average dog's lifespan (in the wild, if they are a mid-sized dog) is only around 10 years. We automatically can extend their lifetimes and quite often cheat death, by providing them with regular food & water, protection from the weather / elements and natural predators by giving them shelter, occasional trips to the Vets for treatment and medication, and love and affection (which contributes to their wellbeing.) But the truth is dogs are only really biologically designed and engineered to live 10 years. So your Miss Piggy lived near to the average lifespan of a dog. As short as that time seems. (Note: the average lifespan of a cat on the street or wild is only 2 to 5 years.)

2.) I've read this comment from 3 different Vets. 2 in the U.S. and 1 in the U.K. "Treat one thing and it triggers something else." Meaning quite often Vet's try their best to treat a dog (or a cat) but they really have no idea if their treatment is going to work or not. Especially if a pet is elderly, and/or has an unknown genetic predisposition to an illness or disease or terminal condition. And they can actually trigger something worse in a pet by providing it with treatment. Unfortunately, quite often there are no guarantees.

I am glad that your pup knew such great love by being a part of your family. And that she passed away at home with you. The truth is we never really know what our pets are feeling and experiencing pain and suffering wise, as they know how to hide it, as they do not want to be ozserrized from their packs. Its instricual. True Miss Piggy might have been provided with more medications, surgeries, procedures etc. but what would she have been feeling after all of it? Now she is at peace. And your relationship with her will be as someone here wrote: "A spiritual relationship."

My sincerest condolences and kindest regards,

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Thank you so very much for your heartfelt response. I am trying extremely hard to look at it as she came to me when I needed her most, to walk me through such a difficult time and see me through to the great things in my life, including meeting my husband who had the chance to know and love her also. I know she was tired and her work here was done because she looked directly at me and then went. It’s just hard to not think of all the things you wished you could have done better, especially when the house is so quiet without her snoring that I loved so much. She was my animal in every way, so much like her mama and I just wish I could have had her for a lifetime.

I knew this day would eventually come, 8 plus years later will never have been enough time.

I’m very grateful for your thoughtful response. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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I am very sorry for your loss of sweet Miss Piggy. She was adorable. Based on what you wrote I don't think leaving her in the ER would have saved her. I'm sure you kept a more careful watch on her than they would have. She was anxious at the vet's office and she got to come home and be with you. Her last hours were at home with people who loved her instead of the anxiety of the vet's office.

My condolences,
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