I work in a care home for the elderly in London, UK. I lost my special friend Casper, a beautiful British Blue cat in November last year and there's been a kitty shaped hole in my heart ever since.

I feel it's too soon for me to welcome another little friend into my personal life, but have for some time, been thinking of introducing a little furry friend into the care home, for the enjoyment of my residents. 

Several weeks ago a colleague and I visited a beautiful cat, who was found wandering as a stray by an organisation called Cats Protection, a registered charity in the UK, whose volunteers work tirelessly to help all manner of cats and kittens in trouble. I absolutely applaud them.

Anyway, this little girl melted my heart the instant I saw her! Her foster mum had her and several other cats for rehoming, in an outbuilding in her back garden. The entire front of the building was glazed and when we walked up, all I could see was this little adorable cat pawing at the windows with both paws. It looked like she was waving at us!  

I knew there and then that I had to have her. And she was the sweetest, friendliest, laid back little cat who I knew would settle in well to the care home environment.

Her name was Nala, she was young (they thought around 2 years) and was a purebred ginger spotted Bengal.

She came to her new home 2 days later after I had spent an absolute fortune on goodies for her!

We have now had our beautiful Nala living with us for 3 weeks, and our residents, their families and the staff adore her. We couldn't imagine life without her. She is incredibly friendly, sweet, intelligent and loud! (When I brought her to her new home, she miawed the entire time she was in her basket, in the car, and so loudly!).

She is at serious risk of being spoiled, you wouldn't believe the toys she has acquired in just 3 weeks, and she does her 'ward round' every day, saying hello to our residents, so she takes her job as resident cat very seriously indeed!

I still miss my Casper terribly, and I think I always will. However, being a new mum to this little one has started to heal my heart. And we have also helped a little kitty in need to find a new, forever home.     
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What a beautiful story about finding a home for adorable little Nala.  Sounds like she has really fit into the care home where you work.  Nice to hear that she takes her "job" so seriously. Just ask Susie about how noisy and busy Bengal cats are.   Enjoy your new little one.


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Oh, how wonderful! Not only that Nala has found such a wonderful home, but for the residents to have someone to love. I've done therapy work with my Newfoundlands to senior living homes, and they just loved it. And I think we all know what petting a cat or dog does to lower blood pressure - I know mine went way down when I got my first Newf!

Bravo for you and Nala!
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Just recently one of our ladies was extremely poorly and, the night she died, Nala lay curled up on her bed the whole while. This was a great source of comfort for her family, who were real cat lovers, as was our resident. The family commended us for having Nala after their mother's death.

The magic of God's beautiful, innocent creatures!
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Kudos to you for thinking and acting on that notion.  I am so happy she is bringing joy to so many.  I believe she was sent to you by Caspar to help heal that lasting hole in your heart.  I know it will never close completely but how wonderful you must feel doing such a great thing.
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