Monday July 27, 2020 at 8:11 am I received the worse ohone call, my 7 year old best friend had died.

Zoey was the best dog, calm and sweet. Always sleeping but always ready to cuddle and love on you. 

We rescued Zoey when she was 12 weeks old. She was there when we got engaged, married, pregnant and when our daughter was born. She was my daughters buddy even tho she wasn’t thrilled about
having a sister.

Everyone loved Zoey, she was just so kind and loving. 

zoey had been getting skinny but she was always thin. She wasn’t eating much but she was always picky about her food. I did a full blood panel in April and the only thing was that she wasn’t absorbing her food right so we changed her food via the vet.

on Thursday she refused to eat at all and Sunday she throw up the food from Thursday and that I gotten her to eat. I was talking to the vet the whole time.

we took her to an emergency vet which told us she had to stay because she was severely dehydrated, even though she wouldn’t stop drinking water. 

she died without me. She died around strangers. I keep thinking if I would have noticed earlier, taken her to the emergency vet sooner maybe she would still be here.

Her behavior never changed, just not eating. I spoke to too different vets. I’m trying not to but I blame myself. It’s my job to help her and I waited to long. 

I will never hold her again. I will never kiss her head or hold her paw. I will never cuddle with her or have her keep in company while my husband works long hours.

I just want her back. My whole being hurt and I feel so broken without her.

how am I suppose to live without her? 

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I’m so sorry for your loss.  I know how you feel.  My beloved dog Pecan was only 9 and passed away unexpectedly just over 4 months ago.  She was my soulmate, best friend, therapist, confidant, she was with me 24/7 and we did everything together.  She was so loyal and kind and we loved each other unconditionally.  I still can’t believe she’s gone.  She was happy and healthy all her life.  She wasn’t herself around 6:30pm on Thursday and passed away at 4am on Friday.  I feel so guilty and I blame myself for not taking her to the vet sooner or more often, for possibly missing the signs.  My girl deserved the best and I think I have failed her.  Deep down I believe our beloved pets leave us when it’s their time to go and unfortunately we have no control over that but they are always with us in spirit.  Death is not a goodbye but just a see you later.  This gives me little bit of hope and comfort but I would give anything to have her here so I could hug her, kiss her and tell her how much I love her.  Please be kind to yourself and give yourself time to grieve. Sending you love and prayers.


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I’m so sorry for you loss as well, my heart went right back to a month ago today when I lost my little soulmate and best little girl Marley.

she too went from completely healthy one week to all of the sudden not healthy the next. Similar to you she wasn’t absorbing any nutrients and losing protein and albumin at an alarming rate. He suspected PLE or intestinal lymphangiectasia.  We did everything we could do for a month including  weekly blood checks, special diets medications and home cooked food and yet nothing changed. I beat myself up for weeks how did I not see this , what if I had taken her sooner to get a diagnosis. What if I got other opinions? 

the most heart breaking part is they do act normal and bouncy so it doesn’t seem right that they are gone, that really bothered me they only know love and want to be with us. from other stories I’ve read on this forum they do their best to hide illness and act normal it’s an instinct for them.

I still feel my face in her super soft neck fur and giving her kisses like it was minutes ago.  I wish I had the words to take the hurt away from you , being on this forum helped I also ordered books and read them on how to cope. I’m far from feeling better but time will ease that sharp pain you feel now I wouldn’t have believed it myself until I type this today a month later. 

like you my husband works out of the house a few days at a time and she always kept me company , even more so with this pandemic I worked from home so for months it was me and the girls everyday, when that happened I couldn’t imagine a world without her. be kind to yourself no person that loves their fur baby would ever do anything to hurt them we all know that on here. If love could save them they would live forever.

if you need us we are here for you ... 


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